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Miscellaneous Shims

Orphans and Oddballs

This is where you can find our Miscellaneous Shims that are not listed elsewhere on our web site, or I don't have a place for yet.

I can help you with shims for Antique Firearms and Curios and Relics.

With a Large Selection to choose from, please inquire with your needs.

Email me direct at

Our Shims are Available in .002" through .009" 
Order Any Shim on This Page with ADD TO CART button below.

Uberti 1858 Hammer and Trigger Shims

Charter Arms Cylinder Shims Link

I used your hammer shims and how-to video to fix a DA light strike problem in my new Charter Bulldog. Success!  Great service and products. Thanks - Frank in VA

Savage AccuTrigger 

Savage AccuTrigger Trigger Shim Kit

Savage AccuTrigger
Trigger Shims for Savage Mark II 22 LR with AccuTrigger

Trigger / Sear Shims for Savage AccuTrigger / Axis / Edge 8 Pak Kit
Fits all Savage Rifle w/ AccuTrigger
My Standard Shim Kit includes 2 each of .003", .005", .007" and .008", for a total of 8 Stainless Shim Washers 
Kit Price Above Includes Free Shipping
8 Pak Kit .........$12.00

OR choose Your Shim Assortment below
Choose your own mix of Savage AccuTrigger Shims
You Must Include Desired Thicknesses when ordering

Choose from .002" to .009" Thicknesses for Savage AccuTrigger

Choose Quantity then List Thickness List Thickness Here

Ruger American Rifle

Trigger / Sear Shims for the Ruger American Rifle 8 Pak Kit
My Standard Shim Kit includes 2 each of .003", .005", .007" and .008", for a total of 8 Stainless Shim Washers 
Also Includes Cheater Pin and Upgraded Small Package Mail Shipping

Price Includes Free Shipping
8 Pak Kit .........$15.00


OR choose SHIMS ONLY below, standard mail shipping
NO cheater Pin Included

Choose your own mix of Ruger American Rifle Trigger Shims below
You Must Include Desired Thicknesses when ordering

Choose from .002" to .009" Thicknesses for Ruger American Rifle

Choose Quantity then List Thickness List Thickness Here

Other Orphan Shims 

Ruger PC Carbine Hammer and Trigger Shims
Use 10/22 Hammer and Trigger Shims

Ruger American Rimfire Bolt Shims
Use 3/8"X 1/2" Standard Cylinder Shims


Enfield No 2 Mk I Hinge Shims

(.207" X .648") Available .002" through .005"

Dan Wesson .357 SuperMag (Large Frame) Trigger
use S&W KLN Trigger

Heritage Rough Rider Revolver ShimsHeritage Rough Rider Hammer Shim

Hammer Shim .198" X .314"
Trigger Shims .112 X .244"

Henry Lever Action Rifle Shims

*Click Link Below*
Review:   Lance, the shims worked great. Made the rifle feel like butter. Thanks, Bill V.

Henry Rifle Shims

H&R 923 Revolver Cylinder Shims

(.207" X .419")

Ithaca M49 .22LR Shims

Ithaca M49 .22LR Lever Action Rifle

Trigger (.126" X .250")
Hammer (.189" X .368")

Knife Maker Shims Knife Maker Shims

Contact me with your needs

Manurhin MR73 Cylinder Shims

(Cross to Smith K, L, N Cylinder Shims)

Marlin Lever Action Rifle Shims

*Click Link Below*

Marlin Rifle Shims

Mosin Nagant Trigger Shims

(.161" X .442")

Remington M 540X Bolt Shim
Use .357" X .595" Custom

Remington 870 Trigger Shims
.156" X .310"

Available in a Pak of 8 with 4 different thicknesses.
My Standard Shim Kit includes 2 each of .002", .003", .004" and .005", for a total of 8 Stainless Shim Washers 

Price Includes Free Shipping
8 Pak Kit .........$12.00

Remington Extractor 870 / 1100Volquartsen VCREN
Volquartsen VCREM

The Exact Edge Extractor is manufactured through an EDM process (not an inferior MIM process) to produce exacting tolerances. The new extractor will not lose its edge under impact like extractors made from stamped steel that will have their edges roll over and actually cause extraction problems after a short period of use.  

Our extractor features a very precise hook point. It is hardened to a Rc 58-60 to withstand years of use and still maintain its edge. We are able to hold the tolerances to +/-0.0001" by utilizing the EDM manufacturing process.  Made of A2 tool steel.  Replaces Remington part #16176 and fits 870, 12, 20 and 1100, 12, 20


Rifle Basix Trigger Kit Shims Rifle Basix SAV-2 Trigger Shims

Ruger LCR/LCRX Shim Kits

*Click Link Below*

Ruger Double Action Shim Kits

Ruger LC9 Trigger Shims

(.251" X .376")


Sig P220 Decocker Shims

Stops Decocker Rubbing the Frame - (.189" X .419")
Fits some models


Sig P226 / P229 Decocker Shims

Stops Decocker Rubbing the Frame - (.207" X .419")

Smith and Wesson .380 Bodyguard Hammer Shims

(.126" X .250")

Smith and Wesson M&P Sear Shims

Smith & Wesson Old I frame Cylinder Shims

(.242" X .357") *Click Link Below*

Tangfoglio Steel Frame Guns

Video Presentation by John B

Dan Wesson 744 Large Frame .44

Trigger Shim - 108 X 242
Hammer Shim - 157 X 310

J Frame Cylinder Shims

Springfield XD and XDM Sear Shims

Taurus 44 and 454 Cylinder ShimsTaurus Cylinder Shim

Large Frame and Raging Bull Style Large Frames

(.376" X .442")  Cross to Dan Wesson Large Cylinder Shims
*Click Link Below*



Cylinder Shims

Uberti X001

Uberti 1858 Shims

Trigger and Hammer Shims

(Shim for Hammer -  .198" X .314")
(Shims for Trigger -  .140" X 221")


4 Pak  U58 Shim Kit comes with 2 Hammer and 2 Trigger Shims in .003" 
8 Pak Assortment comes with 4 Trigger and Hammer Shims in .003" and .005"
12 Pak Assortment comes with 4 Trigger and Hammer Shims in 3 Thicknesses; .003", .005", and .007"
24 Pak Assortment comes with 8 .002" Shims, 8 .003" Shims, and 8 .005" Shims
30 Pak Gunsmith Special Assortment
Lances "Gunsmith Mix" 30 Pak U58 Shims has the following;
Trigger Shims - 4 X .002", 4 X .003", 4 X .004", 2 X .005"
Hammer Shims - 4 X .004", 4 X .005", 2 X 006", 4 X .007", 2 X .009"

Choose Quantity for your Best Price and Specify Thicknesses in Box Below
Multiple Thicknesses may be listed together for Quantity Pricing

Mix and Match Hammer / Trigger Shims for Best Quantity Pricing.
List Your Sizes for Thickness from .002" to .009" in the
Custom Mix and Sizes Small Box Below

Winchester model 69A .22 Cal Rifle Trigger Shims use .108" X 242"

Rossi 92 Lever Action Rifle 
Trigger use Winchester 94 Trigger .126" X .243"
Hammer use Winchester Hammer .189" X .368"

Winchester Lever Action 94 Shims


Winchester Model 94 Lever Action
Lever, Trigger and Hammer Shims

(Shim for Finger Lever and/or  Hammer -  .189" X .368")
(Front Link Shims -  .189" X 293")
(Trigger -  .126" X .243") - (Same as S&W Combat X Trigger)

Each Shim is Available in .002" - .009"

Make your selection of quantity and then list style, thickness.

Add all shims together for quantity discount

Winchester 94 shims Shim Type / Style Enter Thickness / Type Below
If this is confusing, just pay for the quantity needed, and email me a list of the shims you want.

Winchester Miroku 1873 Shims

1873 Winchester (Miroku) Shim


Winchester (Miroku) 1873 Finger Lever

(.198" X .499") Available .002" through .009"

Miruko Win 1873 Finger Lever Shims Enter Thicknesses Below

Winchester M73 Miroku
Hammer Shim

(.198" X .401") Available .002" through .009"

Miruko Win 1873 Hammer Shims Enter Thicknesses Below

Reel Shims


I have Thousands of different shim combinations available
Contact Me with Your Needs or Suggestions at: 


Misc Shims/Custom Shims

are available for custom orders from our inventory.
Prices are good for Internet or Mail-Order
Shims are Color-Coded and Bulk Packed
Orders 100 and over can be Poly Bagged as required.

Price includes shipping.

To indicate the sizes you want;

Use box below,  PayPal "Note to Seller"  or send me an e-mail when you order to indicate the size & style you require.

If you would rather,  e-mail me your list and I can send you a PayPal Payment Request.

 Any Above Single Style Stainless Shim - Price includes Free Shipping     
     -- Mix and Match Thickness for Best Pricing --                             

Custom Shim Pak Specify Thickness and Type
Large Custom Shim Pak Specify Thickness and Type

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