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How To UpGrade Your Shipping

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Where is my order?

TriggerShims ALWAYS Ships Your Order
No later than The Next Business Day

Shim Orders include Free Economy Shipping VIA First Class White Envelope, if you did not upgrade to Package Tracking, I will have no idea where your order is, please give it ample time to arrive, 10 to 14 days

~Click Here~ for Transit Times ~ INTERNATIONAL ORDERS

Tracking is not included with Shim Only Orders

Please consider upgrading (SHIM ONLY) ORDERS UNDER $50 to include Tracking for $4.00
or upgrading any order to USPS Priority for $10.50


  • Q) Where is my order?
  • Generally from Michigan to Most of East of the Rockies is under 5 Business Days, and West Coast easily 5 to 7 days
    👉 The US Mail (USPS) is much slower than it used to be, and our free economy shipping is First Class Mail Ground
    Watch for a WHITE Business Mail Envelope or a Grey 6X9 Bubble Pak it should be there soon, and if not, let me know, Thank You, Lance

I Appreciate Your Patience, Please Allow Ample Time to Receive Your Order, if your order has not arrived by 10 business days / 14 calnder days, (or 30 - 45 days International) Please let me know ~ Thank You, Lance

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Shipping/Policies/Tracking/Transit Times

Free Economy Shipping in the USA

For items marked Free Shipping in the U.S.
We offer the following Free Economy Shipping options:
ALL Orders over $100 are shipped First Class Mail USPS with Tracking.

~ Most Shim Orders ship Free Economy First Class Mail ~
in a White Business Envelope

Shipping Method: First Class Mail (5-14 Days Estimated)

Shim Pak orders UNDER $50 DO NOT Generally ship with USPS Tracking

Normal Delivery Time for USPS Mail can be from 3 to 10 Business days, Please let us know promptly if you do not receive your shim kit within 10 Business days.
If you ordered a Spring Kit or other larger item, it will ship with Tracking. Your Tracking Information can be found in your PayPal account under your purchase and/or PayPal will email to you when you place your order.

NOTE: if you made a mistake typing in your email address or use a non working address at PayPal- you WILL NOT receive a shipping notice / I will have no way to contact you.
Your email provider might misfile this mail as spam. Check your spam folders

Shipping Upgrades are Available for Purchase Below:

Shipping Upgrades

Shipping with Tracking


Tracking Upgrade

(Shims Only) Orders - Add Bubble Pak and USPS TRACKING $4.00 - USA ONLY

MOST Shim orders under $50 DO NOT include Tracking
and are sent in a White Business Mail Envelope -
Orders OVER $50 Include Free Tracking
You can Upgrade to USPS Mail Tracking on your SHIM ORDER for $4.00
This Upgrade includes a 6X9 Bubble Pak Mailer and USPS Tracking
(increases have driven our cost for Shipping and Packaging to almost $5)

~Click the ADD TO CART button below to ADD USPS Tracking to your Shim Order

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Priority Mail ~ All Orders

Priority Mail

Any Order $10.50
Priority 1 to 3 day Shipping Upgrade

$10.50 Upgrade to Priority Shipping
1 to 3 Business Days*

USPS Priority Shipping - USA ONLY

You can Upgrade to Priority Mail with Tracking for $10.50 with any order
 Click the "ADD TO CART" button below to Add Priority Shipping to your order

*USPS does not guarantee delivery only estimates delivery time
Please keep in mind USPS is overwhelmed during the Holidays

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Here's how to Make Payment
and get in touch with us:

On-Line Payments:

Payment can be made by Credit Card through PayPal at no additional cost. You do not need to be a PayPal member to send an online Credit Card payment through PayPal.
For Your Security, your entire payment is handled at PayPal, we will have no record of your CC#

We do not take Credit Card Payments over the phone.

PAYPAL Processes our Credit Card Payments, just like any online cart
When you select an item from the store you go to the PayPal cart.
You can continue shopping if you want to buy more items.
If you choose to check out, you can choose either button “check out” or “PayPal”
If you select “check out”, you will go to another page where on the right hand side, second box down, you will see a link: “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit”
If you click that link, you are taken to the credit card processing area and can proceed to pay with credit card there.

Mail Address for Mail Orders: Make Checks or Postal Money Order Payable to;

Lance Shively 7140 Lee Rd. Jackson, Mi 49201

Telephone: 1-517-499-5366 Cell

Sorry we do not take Credit Cards over the phone.

Mail Orders - write down what you want, include your address, phone, and e-mail address I will send you an e-mail when we receive your payment.

Email Link:

Payment Methods If you are interested in purchasing anything on this site, you may do so by adding the item to your shopping cart. We accept Mastercard, and Visa through PayPal. You may also call 1-517-612-8311 to discuss an order over the phone, but we do not take orders or payments over the phone. If you use PayPal, your order will ship immediately. If you pay by personal check, your order will ship after we receive your check. Privacy Policy Contact information including email address, telephone number, address, etc. which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order. This information is never exchanged or sold by us to other companies. Financial information including credit card numbers and expiration dates are maintained by PayPal. This information is handled by PayPal at their Secure Site, and is not seen by us here at Shively Sales / TriggerShims

International Shipping We Do Not ship gun parts or spring kits to Canada or Internationally.

We Do ship shim orders to Canada and Internationally

* - Web Site Prices Include First Class Mail Postage We Do Not Offer Any Other International Shipping Options *

See Our International Orders Page for Canada and International Order Details

Canada and International Orders:

Q. Do you ship Shims to Canada and Internationally?
A. Yes, I do Ship Shims Internationally - Shims Only - I do not export any other gun parts.

Gun Parts and Spring Kits Ship to the USA Only, No Exports. No Exceptions.
Any order placed outside the USA that includes these parts, will be cancelled, No Exceptions.
If you would like to order shims or shim kits; We Appreciate Your Business! We ship in a White Business Envelope, First Class Mail. 10/22 kits will ship with shims only, no cheater pin included for export. Please make sure your shipping address on PayPal is current and up to date. We will ship the next business day from receiving your order.

I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction.
Thank You, we look forward to your order, Lance

My Package Tracking Shows Delivered but it is Missing

If your tracking shows delivered, and you verified you supplied us with the correct mailing address, many times it was simply placed in the wrong mail box by your postman.
If that is the case, most good neighbors will return it.

You will need to take your tracking number to your local post office and inquire with your local postmaster, they have internal GPS location data that shows where it was scanned as delivered.
If your mailman delivered it, or mis-delivered it, it is their responsibility on your end, at your local post office.

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(Shims Only) Orders - Add USPS TRACKING $4 - USA ONLY

MOST Shim orders under $50 DO NOT include Tracking and are sent in a
White Business Mail Envelope - Orders OVER $50 Include Free Tracking
You can Upgrade to USPS Mail Tracking on your SHIM ORDER for $4.00
This Upgrade includes a 6X9 Bubble Pak Mailer and USPS Tracking
(increases have driven our cost for Shipping and Packaging to almost $5)

~Click the ADD TO CART button below to ADD USPS Tracking to your Shim Order

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We Cheerfully accept Cash, Money Order, and Credit Cards through our Secure PayPal Check-Out

All Website Orders are Shipped the Next Business Day

I will Ship Shims to USA, Canada and International

Gun Parts Shipped to USA Only

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