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Tikka T1x


Item # SS-T1X/BS

Sako Tikka T1x Rimfire Rifle
Sako P72 Rimfire Rifle
Sako M78 Rimfire Rifle Bolt Shims

Tikka T1x Rimfire Rifle Bolt Shims

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T1x Bolt Shims .550" X .670" Now In Stock

Bolt Shims

How does a Rimfire Bolt Shim work? The actual head space is in the recessed face of the bolt. Shimming between the two bolt halves ensures the bolt is up snug against the breech. If the bolt has excessive clearance at the breech it can to cause misfires and light strikes, or simply inconsistent accuracy. When a Production Rifle is assembled, a bit of extra room or excess tolerance can be left, and this slight variable can affect accuracy. When the bolt action rifle’s bolt locking surfaces become worn increases in the headspace can cause light firing pin strikes, poor ignition (misfires), looseness of the bolt, and loss of accuracy.

Factory fitting of the barrel into the receiver can also leave excess clearance between the bolt and breech. Shims can also used for adjusting after Re-Barreling If you are getting misfires and light strikes shimming the bolt may be a good way to solve it.

These are the Original TriggerShims Brand Tikka T1x Rifle Bolt Shims
A 4 Pak or 5 Pak should do most any gun, Order multiple Paks for Multiple Guns and Save $$

TriggerShims Bolt Shims come in the following assortments, Buy Multiple Paks and Save $

NEW 5 Piece Kits ~ Include .0015" Shims for Finer Adjustment

  • 4 Pak Assortment - $11 includes 1 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"
  • 5 Pak Assortment - $14 includes 1 each .0015", .002", .003", .004" and .005"
  • Use Drop-Down V and Buy 2X Double or 3X Triple Pak and Save $
  • 2 Shim Pak - $7.50  *Specify your size in Box Below .0015" or .002" - .007"
  • You can Request Your Own Assortment Thicknesses In Box Below
  • Includes Free ~ First Class Mail Economy Shipping

TriggerShims was asked by Elijah, an Ohio Shooter and Mark, a UK Shooter to make shims for this bolt, and we have listened.
Used as a measuring device and an adjustment tool if needed, shims are installed until the Bolt just touches the barrel face, and then reduce by .001"
Also used to Adjust to Varying Rim Thicknesses for your Favority Match Target Ammo

Sold in paks of 4 or 5 to check and adjust bolt to barrel fit.

T1x Bolt Shims .550" X .670"

Item # SS-T1X/BS Bolt Shim Pak

Click Box to Choose Different Quantities

Tikka T1x Bolt Shim Pak 555 X 670
Choose Assortment Shim Pak
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TECH TIP VIDEO by Dayattherange:
Tikka T1X with Bolt Shims Part (1)

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TECH TIP VIDEO by Dayattherange:
Tikka T1X with Bolt Shims Part (2)

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Bolt Shim Instructions
TriggerShims Snek

TECH TIP: Rimfire Bolt Shim Installation
~ A General Guide ~

Rimmed Cartridges use the thickness of the cartridge rim for head-spacing .22 Rimfires Headspace on the Case Rim, and the actual head space is in the recessed face of the bolt.
Shimming between the two bolt halves ensures the bolt is up gently tight against the breech.
I cannot tell you which shim best works with your rifle, you decide that yourself by fitting and feel and by shooting.
Installing Bolt Shims requires fitting by hand, and checking with the Bolt installed in the Rifle, and Locked Down - you do not measure with the Bolt out of the Rifle.
To establish the Bolt/Breech fit, shims are installed and fitted on an empty chamber. Start with a 4 or 5 Pak of shims, install the .0015" or .002" thinnest shim and see how your bolt closes, if it seems to close as normal, then continue to install each thicker shim until the bolt starts to close harder than normal. At the point where your bolt begins to close hard, that was the amount of slack that was in your bolt, measured by whatever shim or shims combined were needed to bring the bolt up tight to the breech. Now it is best to remove that shim, and step back one number, example would be if a .005" Red shim causes the bolt handle to close harder than normal, then take it out and install a .004" Purple.
If you have to force or put undue stress on your bolt to close it, you should reduce the number of shims. You will generally only use 1 of the 4 or 5 shims in the package, but you can stack shims together if needed. When you have the correct shim installed, your bolt should close normally or just (ever-so) slightly tighter than normal. Put a very small drop of oil on the shim. Now you can go to the range and with the barrel pointed in a safe direction, once again check fit with your favorite ammo.
Due to variations in rim thickness, you may have to reduce the thickness of shims, remember you have already removed all the excess headspace from the bolt/breech, so now the only thing to do is remove thickness (shims) if / as needed to get to your sweet spot or required headspace.
For Longest Shim Life, once you have have correctly fitted your shims Top Canadian Shooter Dan Walker from Inrange Rimfire recommends using a heavy grease.
If you have to force or put undue stress on your bolt to close it, you should reduce the number of shims. A minimum of clearance should be maintained, do not put undue stress on the bolt by shimming too tightly as it is unnecessary!
At no time do you want to force the bolt to close, did I explain that clearly?
Bolt Shims have in many instances cured light strikes. Will they help with Accuracy? Don't take my word for it, Read our the Customer Reviews or ask our Customers
Simply Chambering More Consistently, Yields More Consistent Results.
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed, if you feel you got no benefit, you may send your shims back for a Full Refund.

TriggerShims Bolt Shim Instructions Copyright Oct/22

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