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Ruger 77/22 and M77 Series Rifles

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TriggerShims Brand Gun Shims

Ruger 77/17 77/22 and M77 Style Rifles

Ruger 77/22 Series Bolt Action Rifles

77/22 Description

TriggerShims 77/17 ~ 77/22 Bolt Shim Description

Item # SS-77/22-17BS

This is the Original TriggerShims Brand 77/22 Bolt Shim Kit!! Used and Approved by Thousands of Shooters Worldwide!

*The Original TriggerShims 77/17 ~ 77/22 Bolt Shims*

Q) How does a Bolt Shim Work??

A) Rimmed cartridges use the thickness of the cartridge rim for headspacing
.22 Rimfires Headspace on the Case Rim, and the actual head space is in the recessed face of the bolt. Shimming between the two bolt halves ensures the bolt is up gently tight against the breech. If the bolt isn't up close against the breech it tends to cause misfires and light strikes. If you are getting misfires and light strikes, shimming is the first, easiest step to solve it.

Generally the excess space between the two bolt halves is between .002" and .006" ~ but can be as much as .010" My 4 Pak kit includes 1 Each of ~ .002" .003" .004" .005" shims for a total of .014" potential adjustment, and thicker shims (or thinner .0015") can be requested if needed.

Accuracy problems can sometimes be caused by a loose bolt, Our Original TriggerShims Brand Bolt Shims can solve accuracy problems caused by a loose bolt.

If a .002" shim cannot be installed because the bolt will not close, or closing requires too much force, your actual working clearance is where it should be, (.001"- plus or minus .0005") and you are the lucky one to have a rifle from the factory that is already in the "Sweet Spot"

If you find Excess Tolerance Space in your rifle, even our thinnest shim has been shown to improve accuracy in most rifles where the Benchrest Shooter did a thorough before and after comparison, and if not, You Have My 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee!

Flyers - if the cartridge is not Fully Consistently seated in the Breech, you will get Inconsistent Accuracy, if you are looking to solve accuracy problems, this is a First and Inexpensive place to start

77/22 Target

Our Shims are Precision USA Made of Precision Shim Stock and have a Industry Standard of Less Than < 10% Thickness Tolerance, and can be used as a measuring device for checking the excess Breech to Bolt Space if any in your rifle

Our Stainless Steel Shims will fit all 77/XX Bolts, This includes 17 Hornet, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, 22 LR, 22 WMRF, 22 Hornet, 357 Magnum, & 44 Rem Mag

TriggerShims Ruger 77 Bolt Shim 4 Pak include:
1 x .002" - 1 x .003" - 1 X .004" and 1 X .005"
for a total of .014" potential adjustment so you will be assured to have more than needed to adjust one rifle.

Our testing has shown trying to shim to less than .001" unnecessary,
and while I can make you .001" shims they are I feel too fragile to be practical

Click Here to Open my Rumble Video Instructions in a New Page

Don't be fooled by COPY~CATS Kits, This is The Original TriggerShims Brand Kit

I can't tell you how happy I am with your products. One shim turned my old (1984) Ruger 77/22 into a real shooter. You saved me a lot of money with this fix. I would and will recommend your products to anyone. I wish I had known about your products sooner. Thank you very much. Michael in Michigan

Lance, Your shims turned an unruly Ruger 77 .22 Hornet into a keeper - Frank in NJ 4/19

77/22 Bolt Shims

77/22 Bolt Shim Kit

Our Bolt Shims Fit All Rimfire and Straight Wall
Ruger Bolt Action Rifles based on Bill Ruger's Original
77/22 Two Piece Bolt Design Including:

77/22 Target
  • 77/17
  • 77/22
  • 77/357
  • 77/44
  • Long Rifle
  • Magnum
  • WSM
  • HMR
  • Hornet

The Original TriggerShims Brand

Ruger 77/22 - 77/17 Bolt Shim 4 or 5 Paks

Our Stainless Steel Shims will fit all the 2 Piece Bolt 77/22 77/17 77/357 77/44 Rifles
This includes 17 Hornet, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, 22 LR,
22 WMRF, 22 Hornet, 357 Magnum, & 44 Rem Mag

Ruger 77/22 Bolt Shims

Our Bolt Shims are a nominal .440" X .650"

Bolt Shims can cure Light Strikes, if you are having Light Strikes or FTF, this is the First, Cheapest, Easiest thing to try before replacing the Striker Spring

Available in your choice of Thickness in .001" increments:
.0015" .002" .003" .004" .005" .006" .007" .008" and .009"

.001" shims are too thin/delicate to be practical.
In my opinion, proper clearance is .001"
and if a .0015" shim is too tight, no shim is needed.

This is the Original TriggerShims Brand 77/22 Bolt Shim Kit


TriggerShims Bolt Shims come in the following assortments, Buy Multiple Paks and Save $

NEW 5 Piece Kits ~ Include .0015" Shims for Finer Adjustment

  • 4 Pak Assortment - $11 includes 1 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"
  • 5 Pak Assortment - $14 includes 1 each .0015", .002", .003", .004" and .005"
  • Use Drop-Down V and Buy 2X Double or 3X Triple Pak and Save $
  • 2 Shim Pak - $7  *Specify your size in Box Below .0015" or .002" - .007"
  • You can Request Your Own Assortment Thicknesses In Box Below
  • Includes Free ~ First Class Mail Economy Shipping

Bolt Shim ~ .442" X .648"

Item # SS4-77/22-17BS Bolt Shim Kits

Click Box to Choose Different Quantities

Price includes Free Economy Shipping U.S.

77/22 77/17 77/357 Bolt Shim Pak
Choose Assortment Shim Pak
Enter Your Special Notes Below



Click Here to Open my Rumble Video Instructions in a New Page

Lance, Thanks for the note about my order. I learned about your shims when I bought my first Ruger 77/22 Magnum. Read about them on line. Bought a set and loved the results. Recently bought another 77 in .22 LR and want to improve its accuracy as much as it did my other rifles. Your shims are a great place to start! ~ Thanks Forrest in OR

77 Bolt Shim Instructions

77/XX All Models Bolt Shim Kit
Installation Instructions

77/22 Target

Installing Bolt Shims requires fitting by hand, with the Bolt installed in the Rifle, and Locked Down.
You do not measure with the Bolt out of the Rifle.
Note: You will need one standard 4 Pak Shim Kit to properly fit one rifle.
You will generally only use 1 of the 4 shims in the package.
Start with the thinnest shim, (.002") and install, then check to see how your bolt closes.
As long as it continues to close normally, continue to add shims .001" at a time, stacking as necessary.
(Example = .003", .004", .005", Stack .002"+.004"=.006" .003"+.004"=.007" etc.)
When you have installed enough shims that the bolt just begins to be hard to close,
remove .001" so it closes normally or just (ever-so) slightly tighter than normal.
It is better to be just slightly on the loose side than too tight.

If you have to force or put undue stress on your bolt to close it, you should reduce the number of shims.
The Bolt Play between the Bolt Halves was designed into the assembly by Mr. Ruger
We are only concerned with the Bolt-Breech lock-up fit, and there you can have anywhere from
<.001" ( perfect) to >.005"+ which will definitely affect accuracy."
A minimum of clearance should be maintained, do not put undue stress on bolt by shimming under .001" as it is unnecessary!

The only (easy) way to measure this is with a $11 Bolt Shim Kit, which
is both a Measuring Tool and a Fix.

Bolt Shims have in many instances cured light strikes.
Will they help with Accuracy? Don't take my word for it,
Read the Customer Reviews at the bottom of this page or on our Reviews Page.

Simply by chambering more consistently, yields more consistent results.

Bolt Stuck in the Fired Position? - Click Here

TECH TIP: Rimfire Bolt Shim Installation ~ A General Guide ~

Oh My Goodness! Light strikes are gone and shoots like crazy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m happy. G.D. in AZ

Hi Lance… I received the shims for my Ruger 77/22 Hornet and wanted to let you know they worked beautifully! Thank you so much for making my day just a little bit better! Best Regards, Kevin in CO

TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger 77/22 and 77/17 Bolt Shim Installation

TriggerShims Logo

Dear Sirs, My Ruger 77/22 -22 Hornet was separating the shell head from the main shell cylinder with Hornaday ammo. With your two thousandths bolt shim the problem disappeared! Great Product!
Lynn in CA

Lance - The trigger pull on the 77-357 went from 5 3-4 lbs to 2 1-2 lbs after I finally go the sear and spring whistled in. There is no creep either. Thank you for this fine piece of kit. The sales instructions were super OK also ~ John in NV

Lance, awesome results with your bolt shim’s (77-44) went from a 6" to 8" group’s to little clover leaf’s, Awesome Results :-) Thank You! H&S Hunting Center

77/22 Trigger Shims

Trigger and Sear Shims

Ruger 77/22 77/17 Trigger/Sear Pin Shim Paks

77/22 Trigger Shims

Our Stainless Steel Shims will fit 1/8" Trigger Pins, are 1/4" outside diameter and will fit a multitude of applications including the D19 Trigger Pivot Pin found in the 77 Rifles and variations including the 77/22, 77/17, 77/22 Hornet 77/357 and 77/44 and Mark II, M77 Mark II Sporter, and this shim will also fit the Ruger 10/22

Available in your choice of Thickness in .002" .003" .004" .005" .006" .007" .008" and .009"
Choose Standard Assortment OR email me with special size requests.

Standard Assortment:
2 Pak .002"
4 Pak 2 Each .002" and .003"
8 Pak 4 Each .002" and .003"
10 Pak 2 Each .002", .003", .004" .005", .006"
12 Pak 4 Each .002", .003", .004"
24 Pak 8 Each .002", .003", .004"

NOTE: These Shims are for the Trigger
These are NOT Bolt Shims

Item # SS-1/8TSP Shims for Trigger price includes Free Shipping

77/22 1/8 Trigger Shim Pak
Shim Thickness Choice
Enter Thickness Request Here

Hello Lance, I just installed my Volquartsen VC77TS on my Ruger 77/17, what a difference it made in the trigger pull. Your instruction video made it easy! Thank You, Mark

Lance, finally got my 77/357 today. I installed the (VC77TS) sear and spring with no issues. Before installation trigger pull was 5 lbs 3.0 oz, after it was 2 lbs 7.2 oz. that is an average of 5 pulls on both. The kit reduced trigger pull 2 lbs 5.8 oz. I am very happy with the trigger pull now. Thank you for the wonderful products and helpful video. If the need arises in the future, I know where I will be looking for good products.
~ Larry a Happy Customer!

BOX: VC77TS Video

TECH TIP VIDEO: Volquartsen Target Sear Trigger Kit VC77TS for Ruger 77/357 77/44 77/22 77/17 Series Rifles

TriggerShims Logo

Lance, I purchased the Sear and Spring Kit VC77TS for a Ruger 77/22. I watched your video twice and I can honestly say it will take me longer to write this email then it took to replace the Sear and Spring. FANTASTIC Product and Support! ~ Don in NY

Received my new sear, sear spring and bolt shims today for my Ruger 77/22, it took me about 20 minutes to install and the rifle shoots great! I can't believe I waited so long to do it. Thank You, Ken


Volquartsen 77/22 Target Sear Kit

Volquartsen 2 Pound Trigger Pull Kit

Volquartsen Target Sear Kit
Fits 77/17-All and 77/22-All
Also Fits 77/44, 77/357 and 77/50

Improve Your Accuracy with a Lighter and Smoother Trigger Pull

For Stock Unmodified Rifles

Volquartsen 77/22 Target Sear

Drop-In For Crisp, Light, Trigger Pull, the Volquartsen Target Sear Kit
Greatly improves trigger pull and let-off with no fitting required. Surface-ground from hardened steel, sapphire honed and polished with a special return sear spring.
Designed to reduce the Trigger Pull to approximately 2 to 3 lbs. The mating surface is precision surface ground.
Includes Lighter Trigger/Sear Spring - Free Length .625"
Use with Wolff 30371 Trigger/Sear Spring for a slightly increased Trigger Pull - around 2.5+ Pounds.
Fits, 22 LR, 22 WMR and 17 HMR, 17 WSM and 77/22 and 17 Hornet
Also Fits 77/44, 77/357 and 77/50

New Lower Price - Compare to $49.99 PLUS Shipping at Timney
Our Kit now $45.95
Stock No. VC77TS.........$45.95 - In Stock and Ready to Ship
You Will Enjoy the Trigger Pull Long After Price is Forgotten!

Volquartsen has 45+ Years Experience in Firearm Performance Enhancements!!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Included

The SEAR generally is the deciding factor in Trigger Pull, springs are secondary, and MUST be strong enough to function properly.

Trigger Pull Weight can be changed by alternating between the Stock Spring, the Wolff 30371, and the spring included in this kit, which is the lightest of the three springs

IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP - U.S.A. Only / No Export on This Item

A Question I Am Often asked is,... Are these in Stock ??

I always have these in stock, but you are welcome to call me
at 517-499-5366 Cell anytime so I can tell you in person or answer questions.

Volquartsen 77/22 Target Sear # VC77TS......$45.95....Free USA ONLY Shipping with Tracking!

NO EXPORTS / No International Shipping on this item


“A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves …” ~ Richard Henry Lee

Lance, I received my trigger kit today and it took 5 minutes to change after watching your video. I don’t have a trigger scale but it’s probably about half of what the factory trigger was. It’s great and I love it. Thanks again for a great product and prompt shipping.
~ God Bless, Jerry in Ohio

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent service and the very well done video on installation of sear and spring in my Ruger 77-22 and 77-22 Hornet. Easy to do and big improvement in trigger pull. Thanks Again ~ Jim in Michigan

Got the seat upgrade kit today for my Ruger 77/22 WMR and installed it. Reduced my trigger pull from 6.5lbs down to 2.5lbs. Great item! Thanks ~ Robert in GA


TECH PHOTO TIP: Ruger 77 Safety Clearance

Ruger 77 Safety Clearance Check

Volquartsen 77/22 Safety Check Photo

Installing the Sear Kit or Spring invloves doing a Safety Check. Before beginning disassembly you should look closely so you can see how and why the safety works, I always clean and regrease the Safety Selector and check the clearance when servicing this rifle. After Installing the VC77TS Kit you should Check the Safety as contact here between the Safety and the Trigger Bar can cause drag and a hard working safety

The ONLY time you would clearance the safety is if the Sear was Changed and Safety Drags, Binds or will not properly activate, and this is very rare, and seldom needed with Volquartsen's VC77TS Kit

A picture is worth a thousand words, click on the picture to see a full page display

If the safety will not activate, remove and reinstall the original sear, to double check your work to make sure it will properly activate with the original sear in place. If it will, compare the photo here showing clearance, so you understand what needs to be done, reinstall the VC77TS Sear and check it again

NOTE: It Is Very Important Not To Remove Any Material from Safety Unnecessarily - Proper Clearance is .001" to .003" or less than a dollar bill

I use 330 Grit Sandpaper on a flat surface, and use even strokes to remove a small amount of material at a time, and recheck. Properly done, it will take several times to remove a small amount of material to get it perfect.

Do Not Use a Power Tool, Bench Grinder or Belt Sander ~ You Will Remove Too Much Material, and Render the Safety Useless

Safety Function Check Must Be Performed Anytime Rifle is Disassembled!

Lance, I received the sear and spring kit today. Easy installation thanks to your video. Best of all the trigger pull went from 6 pounds to 2-1/2 pounds pull, perfect. Thanks for a quick ship and a great website.
Warmest Regards, Dan in PA


Wolff 30371 RP Trigger / Sear Spring


Wolff 30371 77/22 Trigger Sear Spring

FITS ALL Ruger 77/22 77/17 AND 77/357 77/44 77/50

40% Reduced Spring Weight* -vs- Stock Spring -
Free Length .830"
Will give an average Trigger Pull Reduction of 1/2 to 1 1/2 Lb
when replacing a New Stock Spring.
Excellent replacement when 100% reliability is important
*NOT 40% reduction in trigger pull weight

NOTE: The Sear Spring does not have the major effect on trigger pull, the Sear does
The Sear Spring is only a minor part, and the Wolff Spring is 40% lighter than a new stock spring, however that WILL NOT Make a 40% Difference, usually it will reduce your measured trigger pull on a new rifle by about 1/2 to 1 1/2 pound, less on an old rifle with a weaker spring.

FITS ALL Ruger 77/22 and
Ruger 77/17 AND 77/357 77/44 77/50

FITS Model 77 Mark I and II Long and Short Actions

Note: Not for Centerfire M77 Target Models and Hawkeye Series and Discontinued Model 77

Reduced Power Trigger/Sear Spring
Stock No. 30371.....$ 9.95 or 2 X $ 15.00

Wolff 30371 $9.95 ... Free USA Shipping/Tracking ~
No Exports on this item

Choose Quantity Below

Note: Use this spring with the VC77TS Sear if trigger pull is too light ~ Cold Weather Hunting with Gloves

Wolff 30375 Spring Pak


Wolff 30375

Includes ALL Variations of the 77/XX Including:

  • 77/17 - all Styles of Cartridge
  • 77/22 - all Styles of Cartridge
  • 77/22 Long Rifle and Magnum
  • 77/357
  • 77/44

Pak contains 1 each 23 Lb. Blitzschnell striker spring and 1 each Reduced Power Trigger / Sear Spring to Improve Trigger Pull.

This Striker Spring is Wolff 23# 65723

Stock No. 30375.....$ 15.95 ~ Free USA ONLY Shipping ~ No Exports on this item!

Wolff BLITZSCHNELL® precision speed-lock rifle striker springs for bolt-action rifles are made from the highest quality, high-tensile round section wires, as are all Wolff Springs. Each Blitzschnell striker spring has squared ends and is individually hand ground to provide flat seats, cleaned and oiled for long life and solid performance andrequire no fitting. Blitzschnell striker springs provide dramatic improvement in lock-time over fatigued and factory springs which can greatly improve accuracy and reliability of bolt-action rifles. Each Blitzschnell striker spring is individually packaged and identified, and is ready for immediate installation and use.

A Special Tool is needed to install Ruger Striker Spring - Consider Our Tool Listed Below

Menck Bolt Disassembly Tool


GUNSMITH SERVICES: Ruger 77 Striker Spring Installation

Ruger 77 Striker Spring Installation - $50 Flat Fee

Installing the Striker Spring on Ruger 77 Rifles requires a Special Tool
The tool can be purchased from us, or you can send me your bolt and I will do it for you.

This is an easy straight-forward installation, I show you how in my Ruger Striker Spring Installation Video.

Volquartsen 77/22 Bolts

For the Folks who do not want to do this themselves, I offer this service;
You Pay Insured Postage to Ship your Bolt ~ average USPS Priority $15 and enclose payment with your shipment

For a Flat Fee of $50 for One Bolt, or $80 For Two I will;

  • Disassemble and Clean Your Bolt
  • Provide and Install a New Striker Spring / 30375 Rifle Tune-up Pak
  • Reassemble and Lubricate, and
  • Provide Return Shipping Post Paid Priority USPS - Insured for $250

To request this service, shoot me an email and I will send you shipping and payment details

~ Click Here to Send Lance an Email about GunSmith Services~

TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger 77/22 Reduced Power Sear Spring Installation

TriggerShims Logo

Tools for Ruger 77/22 - 77/17 Bolt Rifles



New Remington and Ruger Bolt Tool - For Disassembly of Remington 600, 700 and Ruger M77 and 77/22-17 Rifle Bolts

R&R Bolt Tool

As of 2020 ~ We have acquired another Small Lot of Bolt Tool parts and have a fair quantity of tools now on hand

All Tools are Top Shelf Quality, The #2020 Remington and Ruger Bolt Disassembly Tool,
Available Only at

7-1/2" steel tool makes bolt disassembly simple. For Remington 600, 700 and Ruger 77 bolt action rifles.

Eases Disassembly Of Firing Pin & Spring In Remington 600-700 Series and Ruger M77
One end for Remington 600-700 series bolts including XP-100 and 40;
The other end for Ruger M77 and 77/22-17 and 357/44 Caliber Models
Handscrew compresses Striker Spring until cross pin can be driven out
Specially Designed to Safely Compress Without Damage to Firing Pin on 600 / 700 and M77 Models

This tool would easily cost 1.5 times our asking price to produce at today's manufacturing rates!
Own the Original Remington and Ruger Tool,
Originally Manufactured by a True Craftsman and Journeyman GunSmith, Tom Menck

TriggerShims Bolt Tool

I literally bought buckets of parts from Menck Estate, and this year (2020) I had some missing parts made and resurrected this Fine Old Tool
I have a mixture of these, some with black cross handles, some silver, you will be shipped what is available. I have had all parts freshly treated with Black Oxide for 2020, a photo copy of the Original Instructions included, and also included my own 2" hardwood dowel spacer specifically for the Ruger 77/22-17 and 357/44 models ~ You do NOT need this tool to install Our Bolt Shims

"This Bolt Tool is a Must-Have to change the Striker Spring on these Bolt Action Rifles, Makes Bolt Disassembly a Breeze, Well Made and Worth Every Penny!"
~ Ralph the Gunsmith in MI

Buy Two or Three and Save $$$!

Free Shipping ~ USA Only ~ Guaranteed In-Stock Order Now!

R&RBT ~ 2020 Bolt Tool

M77LH Bolt Tool

TriggerShims Bolt Tool for M77 Left Hand Rifles

This is my M77LH Bolt Tool - to my knowledge,
this is the only LH Bolt Tool made for these rifles.
Used to disassemble the Firing Pin and replace the striker spring
Works with Ruger M77 Mark II Left Hand Rifles

Free Shipping ~ USA Only ~ This is a LEFT HAND Tool

TM-M77LH Bolt Tools

TriggerShims - Your left hand tool for Ruger 30-06 M77 Mark II worked perfectly to replace the striker or firing pin spring. Good instructions helped & thank you for your fast service. Wayne

Menck Bolt Tool Instructions
Bolt Tool Instructions

Menck Bolt Tool Instructions ~ Printable

TriggerShims Original Menck Bolt Tool Instructions for Remington and Ruger Rifles

Instructions for:
Menck Tool used to disassemble the Rifle Bolt and Replace the Striker Spring

Works with:

  • Remington 600
  • Remington 700
  • Ruger M77
  • Click on Thumbnail Photo to Enlarge and Print

    NOTE: Instructions Specific to 77/22 77/17 77/357 77/44 rifles are on my
    TECH TIP VIDEO: Menck Bolt Tool demonstrated on a Ruger 77/22

    Hi Lance, I received the (R&RBT) bolt tool. It is well made. I like it very much. Thank you for making such a wonderful tool. Best Regards, Tianyu in NY

    Menck Bolt Tool demonstrated below on a Ruger 77/22 by Lance

    TriggerShims Logo

    TECH TIP VIDEO: Menck Bolt Tool demonstrated below on a
    Remington 700 by Larry Potterfield

    TECH TIP VIDEO: Bolt Stuck in the Fired Position?
    Watch my Disassembly video, starting at 3:40

    TriggerShims Logo

    TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger M77 Factory Disassembly Video
    M77 Mark II and Hawkeye Rifle (NOT 77/22)

    TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger M77 Factory Reassembly Video
    M77 Mark II and Hawkeye Rifle (NOT 77/22)


    Wolff 30376 Spring Pak

    Wolff GunSprings for Ruger M77 Mark II Bolt Rifles

    Wolff 30376

    Pak contains 1 each 24 Lb. Blitzschnell striker spring and
    1 each reduced power trigger/sear spring to improve trigger.
    Fits Centerfire M77 and M77 II Long and Short Action Models

    This Striker Spring is Wolff 24# 64024

    NOTE: will not fit Target models and Hawkeye Series

    NOTE: Trigger/Sear spring fits Mark II Only

    NOTE: this kit is NOT for 77/22 - 17 - .357 - .44

    Stock No. 30376

    Wolff 30376.......$15.95 Free Shipping USA - No Exports

    Customer Reviews

    Hi Lance, I finally got a chance to shoot my 77/22 with your shims installed and as promised , I’m getting back to you. The bolt is now a bit snug when closed but I don’t mind. My gun used to shoot ½ inch 5 shot groups and now shoots 3/8” 5 shot groups. About the same as my Kimber. My Anschutz still shoots the best and will do ¼ inch groups. The Ruger 77/22 has a 2-7 power scope and might do ever better with a 9 power scope. The Kimber and Anschutz have 3-9 power scopes. These were a very good investment. Jim

    Lance, Thanks for the prompt delivery. The shims worked as advertised on the 77/22 ~ No more misfires! For years I have not used this rifle because of it, Now it is getting a real workout instead of gathering dust in the back of the gun safe!.... A Very Happy Customer ~ Bill in the Great North

    Lance, finally had a day to work on my Ruger 77/44. Needed a .003 shim for the bolt and the install went perfect thanks to your videos. Also installed the Target Sear and Spring and went from 5+ lbs to 2.25 I couldn't be happier with the results..... I'll be sure to tell anyone else about the great products and service you provide. Thanks again, Kirk in VA

    Lance, When last we corresponded I had completed several modifications to my vintage 1984 Ruger Model 77/22 that had not been shot until I became its proud owner. I installed your trigger kit, floated the barrel and installed your bolt shims. The vintage Burris scope I installed has been replaced with a Primary Arms 4-16X44mm scope, primarily to add more elevation for shots longer than 200 yards

    Norm in TX - Dec 18

    I was disappointed that the Burris didn’t work for me as it enhanced the appearance of my “period piece” project.

    I’ve probably put five hundred rounds through the rifle and have gotten a good feel for how it shoots. As you no doubt realize, the bolt on the 77/22 is massive when compared to most .22LR rifles. This probably explains the heavy feel of the bolt as it is cycled. I’m hopeful that the bolt will continue to smooth and cycling will be easier as the round count builds.

    I got to the range yesterday for an hour of shooting. After refining my zero I shot two targets (five rounds each) that are worth passing on. I believe this performance is what can be expected if the system is working well. The best target was 0.29” extreme spread which was followed by 0.36”. I am extremely pleased with the 77/22’s performance following the modifications provided by you.
    Thank you so very much,
    Norm in TX

    Hello Lance,
    I bought a Ruger 77-44 back in 1997. I put on a nice Leupold scope and went to the shooting range with several of my favorite loads. It shot a 12" pie plate size group at 100 yards. I was very disappointed, so I cleaned it up and took it home and stuffed it in the very back of my vault.(out of sight, out of mind). I have two revolvers that will out shoot this rifle with open sights. Several years later, I took it out and tried several more "favorite loads". It shot a nice 12" group. I then took it to my local gunsmith and had it pillar bedded and crowned and everything checked out. Back to the range for yet another nice 12" group. I was beyond disappointed. So, back to the very back of the vault. Scott&#39;s 77/44 Target
    One day I was sitting at my computer and I put into Google, "Why won't my Ruger 77-44 shoot? I started reading and that is how I found you. I ordered the bolt shims and springs and installed them right along with your video. Then back to the range with my favorite loads, and WOW, was I surprised. I am sending you my best group target on that day. My group went from a pie plate to a tennis ball with your parts. Thank You for the excellent parts, video, research and information.
    - Scott

    Hi Mr. Shively, I meant to write you much sooner than this, but better late than never? I had to tell you that the Ruger 77/22 Bolt Shims you sold me were amazing. The accuracy improvement was stunning. Who knew that for $10, I could improve the gun so much!? I have been trying to get this 77/22 to shoot as well as my 10/22 for years now. Different stock, bedding job, Shilen bull barrel and still, my 10/22 with 'cheap' Butler Creek barrel would out-shoot it. It was frustrating! Not anymore. The shims you sell are miracle workers. Once I got the right combo in the bolt, accuracy became a '1 hole' affair. The Ruger 77/22 now shoots any ammo I put into it much better than before, and with genuine target ammo (Wolf Target Match), it just rips one ragged hole at 50 yards if I do my part. With the 'left-over' shims, I fixed up my sons 77/22, too, and it was the same effect. In his gun, groups were cut in HALF from what they were! Amazing. Thank you so much for making a great product at a very affordable price. Your shims make such a big difference. You helped me "love" my rifle again!

    Sincerely - Michael in TX

    I recently received a Ruger 77/22 in .22 Hornet after waiting almost 6 months for it. It gave pretty good patterns, not quite full choke, more like modified. No matter what I did it wouldn’t do any better. In addition to terrible grouping, somewhere along the way while shooting my bullet impacts would suddenly start marching up the target to the northeast. In one case the string measured at least a foot and a half. It may have been more but the last two shots were off the target board. I went online and read that quite a few people were having trouble getting the 77/22 to group and the recommendation was shimming between the front and rear of the bolt. Your address was given so I ordered a set. I put in a .003" shim and got some improvement but not enough to crow about. I decided simply putting in a shim without testing wouldn’t do it. I removed the .003" shim and put in a .004" and a .002" to equal .006". The bolt was definitely tighter! I could close it, but it didn’t feel right. I took out those shims and put in a .005". Eureka! The bolt closed snugly. Next trip to the range got me groups that were worthy of the Hornet! And no more marching to the northeast. Your shims work! Thanks.
    Archie M.
    Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

    I have an older Ruger 77/22 Hornet that I was about to throw in the river out of frustration with accuracy. I glass bedded it, put a new trigger in it and it still wouldn’t group no matter what ammo I tried. I put your shim kit in it and like magic it shoots 1 inch groups all day long. Thanks for a great product. Jeff 1/18


    Received the order today and am very satisfied. Actually better quality than expected. I had been searching for a very long time for pre-made shims for the Ruger 77/22 Hornet when another member at posted your site address with high recommendations. Next time I'm in that forum I'll certainly endorse his recommendation.

    Thanks for a great product - Jerry in OK

    Hi Lance

    I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know your shims arrived
    and I am more than pleased with the results. I shimmed the bolt on my
    Ruger 77/22 and the preliminary tests have been a reduction in group sizes
    approximately 25 to 30%. Thank you so much for a quality product and the
    prompt shipping was a nice surprise. I will certainly be recommending
    your product!

    Norm in Saskatchewan, Canada

    Hello Lance,
    My son and I have several 77/22's
    My 22 hornet would not shoot at all, I tried different loads, different bullets, nothing worked.
    My son told me about reading on a Ruger forum about your product . I put .007" in the hornet, not only
    does it shoot great one hole at 75 yards but I am also not having the base come off the case after two reloads .
    Now I am ordering for friends with the same problem .

    - Fred H in MT

    Target Sear Review

    I just got back from the range today after installing a couple of upgrades to my Ruger 77/44.
    I purchased and installed a Target Sear Kit and Trigger Shims from
    It made a huge difference taking the pull from about 6 lbs. to a crisp break around 1.5 pounds. It was very easy to install and there are videos on the TriggerShims website listed to help. I have another 77/44 I installed a Rifle Basix replacement trigger on a few years back.... I think the Volquartsen Target Sear install is better at half the price. I ordered it on Sunday and got it today... Great service. Mike S. in Indiana

    More Reviews

    Lance, I received your bolt shim kit months ago and installed (1) .002 shim in the bolt. I just had a chance to shoot the rifle yesterday and I am very pleased with the difference it made. The groups at 200 meters tightened right up. I've had this rifle for about 25 yrs. and it's always shot good, but now it shoots great. I have 3 Anschutz 64 action rifles and now the Ruger is the best shooter. I will pass this information along to others who have the same rifle. Thanks, Randy in NJ

    Lance, I wanted to let you know that your bolt shims worked great for my rifle. I have had the shims for a long time but today was the first time I was able to get out and try the Hornet to see if it corrected the flyers I was getting. It worked beautifully and the groups are smaller as well. I am more than satisfied with the shims. I did another Ruger 77, a .22 RF as well. Great product.
    I am an old man of 86 years and I have owned that Ruger Hornet since they first came out and it was driving me nuts, I had changed scopes, sent it away to be cryofrozen and nothing seemed to work. But these shims were the perfect answer.
    Thanks, George in Maine

    Hello Lance,
    Thanks for the fast mailing. Yesterday I when to range to test the new trigger. Very smooth and crisp. My Ruger 77/357 trigger pull went from 5.5 lbs down to 2.75 lbs . Your videos are so informative and easy to follow. Now to my next task with the bolt shims.
    Regards, Craig

    Good Evening Lance,
    Thank you for the prompt shipping on my order again! I finally had a chance to put the sear and spring in the rifle tonight, and it went from 4.75-5.5 lbs inconsistently, to a consistent 2.75 lbs! I will recommend your store to everyone I know!
    Thanks again, Joe in WY

    Lance - I just bought the seat and spring kit from you for my Ruger 77/17 win mag and couldn’t be happier. The kit took 5 minutes max to install and I’m very pleased with light and crisp trigger pull. With your kit installed this gun is now actually fun for precision shooting. Thank You!
    Marc in MN

    Lance, Shortly after my e-mail to you this afternoon my mail arrived with the kits, I had some errands to run but could not wait to get home and install them. From the time I started to the time I finished was approximately 35 minutes; an amazing time for a guy with two left thumbs. The trigger pull on my 77/22 mag was reduced from 5 1/2 lbs. to 2 3/4 lbs. : the trigger on the 77 hornet went from 5 1/2 lbs. to 2 1/2 lbs.
    I'll be in touch within the next few days and order kits for my 77/17 & 77/44.
    Thanks again for excellent product and excellent service
    - Jim in KY

    TECH TIP: Ruger Bolt Shims Review

    JM Target

    Lance, I am amazed and unbelivably happy with my Ruger.
    I still haven't received my scope base yet to mount a Vortex Diamondback I have for it, so using a 1" tube package deal scope I had lying around to try my gun out with your shims and the Volquartsen sear. Now were talking !! This is my personal best at 50 yrds for a 5 shot group.

    Thank you so much & God Bless ~ JM

    I am purchasing a used Ruger 77/357 and was watching video reviews when I found out about the sear and sear spring kit to improve the trigger pull. I started looking around for the Volquartsen kit when I found your video covering the installation of the kit. I was very impressed with the ease of installation and how in depth you went with your information. I had found a Timney kit at MidwayUSA for $49.99 plus shipping. When I got to your site and found the Volquartsen kit for $45.00 and free shipping, I ordered the kit. I have a Ruger 22/45 that I installed a Volquartsen trigger kit in, I am very satisfied with the improvement in the trigger and very happy with the product so, I knew I could not go wrong with this purchase. Thank you for your email and for keeping me informed with the progress of my order. After some of my more recent customer service treatment, You are a very welcome breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
    Larry in OR


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