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AR-15 / AR-10 Modern Sporting Rifle
AR-15 Trigger Shims, Hammer Shims and Pivot Pin / Take-Down Pin Shims
Compensator Shims / Muzzle Brake Shims / Flash Suppressor Shims
AR-10 Pivot Pin / Take-Down Shims

AR-15 Parts and Accessories by Wolff and Leapers UTG PRO

What AR-15 Custom Trigger Job would be complete without our Custom Made 300 Series Stainless Shims?
We Manufacture Shims to fit Mil Spec Small Pin (.154") and Colt Large Pin (.170") AR-15 Trigger Pins and Hammer Pins.
Reduces Side Play, Reduces Drag and Rubbing of Trigger Group Parts.
More Consistent Trigger Pull in your AR-15 Trigger Job.
Our Pivot Pin Shims take the Play out of your Upper to Lower Receiver.
Our Compensator Shim Kit will make Timing Your Muzzle Device Easy and Effortless.

*Click on any Picture to Enlarge in a New Window*

Our Shims are Available in .002" through .009" 
Order Any Kit on This Page and Request Custom Thickness via Email.

Need a New Free-Float Quad Rail and Gas Block for your M4 AR-15?
Look at our UTG Pro USA Made Quad Rail Below
Also our UTG Pro USA Made Quad Rail Gas Block Too!
Leapers AR-15 Clamp-on Sights are imported, but very well made and an exceptional value!
UTG Compact Rear Detachable Sight
UTG Folding Front Sight
UTG Low Profile Front Sight

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Large Pin or Small Pin?
"Large Pin Colt"
"Mil-Spec Colt"
"Small Pin Colt"
"Mil-Spec AR-15"
Colt AR-15 Hammer and Trigger Large and Small Pins

Some civilian Colt AR type rifles were manufactured with hammer and trigger pins and holes which are .170 inches in diameter. These are referred to as large pin Colt receivers. This was not in all Colt models, just some.
All other AR type rifle manufacturers have used the military specification .154" diameter hammer and trigger pins and holes, or small pin.
The only way to know for sure is to measure your pins or the holes in your lower receiver to determine if you have a small pin or large pin Colt receiver.

If you are building a Kit Rifle with a Stripped Lower Receiver and a Parts Kit, or own a Factory Built Rifle, Our AR-15 Shims are Easy for Novice or Expert alike to Install.
If you are doing a AR-15 Trigger Job, or installing a Trigger Kit, add our shims to take out the slop and stop parts from rubbing.

This is the AR-15 Trigger and Disconnector Assembly
with an AR-15 Trigger Shim Installed to show size.
Our Trigger Shims will fit the Trigger, Hammer and Disconnector of most
Small Pin AR-15 Style Rifles.
Care must be used when installing to insure no binding is present.

AR-15 Trigger Shim Installation Instructions

Remove Magazine and Open Chamber, Make Certain Gun is Unloaded!
Remove Take Down Pins and Separate Upper from Lower Receiver,
Set Upper Aside.
Remove Hammer Pin and Remove Hammer.
Remove Trigger Pin and Remove Trigger.

Now Remove the Springs from the Hammer and Trigger, including the Disconnector Spring and set aside.
Set the Disconnector aside.
Now you can Re-Install Your Hammer and Trigger Without the Springs and Install Shims to Check for Clearance.
This is necessary to Make Certain there is No Binding or Sticking of the Trigger and Hammer.
Remove Pins and Hammer and Trigger, Install Disconnector without Spring into Trigger, add Shims, install Trigger Pin and check for proper clearance and free movement of the Disconnector with shims installed.
Again, you must be absolutely certain there is no binding and the Disconnector Moves Freely.
There is Normally Very Little Clearance between the Disconnector and Trigger, and may not need to be shimmed, or you may just want to skip putting shims in there all together.
In Order to Shim the Disconnector you will need to use a Cheater Pin, Reassemble the Disconnector and Shims and Spring into the Trigger as a Sub-Assembly.
ReInstall the Trigger into the Lower Assembly now that you are Assured the is No Binding Caused by Adding Shims, Once the Trigger Assembly are Installed, it is a Simple Matter to Install the Shims.
Simply Push the Trigger Pin out just enough to slide a shim Between the Housing and the Trigger.
A Little Gun Oil on the inside of the Lower Housing will Allow the Shim to Stick and Slide Easily with a Tooth Pick into Place, working the Trigger Assembly to Align Shim, slide the Trigger Pin Back into Place.
The Hammer and Shims can now be Installed in the Same Manner.
Be Sure Again to Check Your Work for Free Movement and No Binding on Trigger/Hammer Parts.
Safe Operation is your Sole Responsibility, if you have any question, have it checked by a Competent Gunsmith.

Complete AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit Assembly Instructions are available at:  

Ar_15/ar15_six_pak.jpgAR-15 Trigger Assembly Shims
Our AR-15 Shims for the Trigger Assembly and Sear are made by us here in the USA out of American Made Materials.
Available in 300 Series Stainless Steel, in Standard Mil Spec .154" and Large Pin Colt .170"

Six Pak kits come Standard in .005" SS
12 Pak Assortment has 4 X .002", 4 X .003" and 4 X .005"
24 Pak kits come Standard in .005" SS
and in a 24 Assortment Pak which has
8 X .005", 8 X .003", 8 X .002" Shims
Choose Custom Size Pak and enter your sizes in the box below.

  Item # AR15-TSP6   Trigger Shim 6 Pak $10.00 Free Shipping           
  Item # AR15-TSP12A Assortment Shim 12 Pak $17.00 Free Shipping
  Item # AR15-TSP24 Trigger Shim 24 Pak $22.00 Free Shipping         
  Item # AR15-TSP24A Assortment Shim 24 Pak $22.00 Free Shipping

AR15 Trigger Shim Pak (Mil Spec)
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below

AR15 Trigger Shim Pak (Large Pin Colt)
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below

Lance, Your product (Pivot Pin Shim) is fabulous!
My AR is nice and snug now without the use of the polymer wedge inside.
I’m absolutely thrilled and have already ordered more of your shims.
Great work and I’ll sing your praises on the forums I frequent.
Thanks, Randy P.

I just got home and I installed one .002 shim and one .003 shim on the front takedown pin
and it cured the looseness/wobble between my upper and lower. Wow, you have a great product there guys!
Thanks, Don in Knoxville, TN

Thanks for your quick response, Lance. You do make an excellent product. I've found that I can lightly sand the shim and pivot pin area with 320 wet & dry, clean with naptha or alcohol, and use Dap Rapid Fuse to adhere the (Pivot Pin) shim to my rifle. 

Robert in FL

AR-10 Pivot Pin / Take-Down Pin Shims
You can use these shims on your front Pivot Pin to take out the play between the Upper and Lower Receiver.
May be used singly or stacked.
AR-10 Pivot Pin Shims
Our AR-10 Shims are made by us here in the USA out of American Made Stainless Steel
Fits Standard .276" Pivot Pins / Take-Down Pins of Armalite and clones.
Available in 002" through 009" Thickness.

2 Pak kits come Standard in .005"
6 Pak Assortment has 2 X .002", 2 X .003" and 2 X .005"
12 Pak Assortment has 4 X .002", 4 X .003" and 4 X .005"
24 Assortment Pak which has 8 X .005", 8 X .003", 8 X .002" Shims

30 Pak Gunsmith Special - 5 each of .002" .003" .004" .005" .006" .007"

You Choose Custom Size Pak and enter your sizes in the box below.

 Item#  AR10-PSP2 Pivot Pin Shim 2 Pak $5.00 Free Shipping             
 Item# AR10-PSP6 Pivot Pin Shim 6 Pak $10.00 Free Shipping            
 Item # AR10-PSP12A Assortment  Shim 12 Pak $17.00 Free Shipping
 Item # AR10-PSP24A Assortment Shim 24 Pak $22.00 Free Shipping 
 Item # AR10-PSP30GS  Gunsmith Special Shim 30 Pak $27.00 Free Shipping 

AR-10 Pivot Pin Shim Pak
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below

AR-15 Pivot Pin / Take-Down Pin ShimsAR-15 Pivot Pin Shims
You can use these shims on your front Pivot Pin to take out the play between the Upper and Lower Receiver.
May be used in combination with an Accu-Wedge.

Our AR-15 Shims are made by us here in the USA out of American Made Stainless Steel
Fits Standard 1/4" Pivot Pins / Take-Down Pins

2 Pak Kits come Standard in 005" SS
6 Pak Kits come Assorted 2 X .002", 2 X .003", 2 X .005"
12 Pak Assortment has 4 X .002", 4 X .003" and 4 X .005" SS
24 Assortment Pak which has - 8 X .005", 8 X .003", 8 X .002" Shims

30 Pak Gunsmith Special - 5 each of .002" .003" .004" .005" .006" .007"

50 Pak Gunsmith Special - 30 Pcs .005" 10 Pcs .003" 10 Pcs .002"

You Choose Custom Size Pak and enter your sizes in the box below.
   Item # AR15-PSP2 Pivot Pin Shim 2 Pak $5.00 Free Shipping             
 Item # AR15-PSP6 Assortment 6 Pak $10.00 Free Shipping                   
 Item # AR15-PSP12A Assortment  12 Pak $17.00 Free Shipping           
 Item # AR15-PSP24A  Assortment Shim 24 Pak $22.00 Free Shipping  

 Gunsmith Special 30 Pak Assortment -   5 Pcs each - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7       
 Item # AR15-PSP30GS  30 Piece Special........   27.00 Free Shipping     

 Gunsmith Special 50 Pak -   30 Pcs .005" 10 Pcs .003" 10 Pcs .002"      
 Item # AR15-PSP50GS  50 Piece Special........   35.00 Free Shipping     

AR-15 Pivot Pin Shim Pak
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below

Lance and Tammy, 
I just wanted to say thanks for the takedown pivot shim kit. It completely eliminated the play I had.
You saved me a lot of time and prevented me from buying a new upper or lower. The Blue .003 shim fit perfectly.
I'll recommend you on the YouTube videos and forums about the wobble most people don't like, and how to fix it. The rubber O ring "trick" seemed to work, but once you look inside they are broken. (I tried many sizes) 
Live long and prosper,


AR-15 Compensator Shims 7 Pak

AR-15 Compensator / Muzzle Device ShimsAR-15 Compensator 7 Pak
Our Shims will fit Barrels with 1/2" Threads.AR-15 Compensator Shim
For Timing Compensators, Flash Hiders and Muzzle Brakes
By using Our TriggerShim Brand Muzzle Shims, you will be able to Achieve a Far Greater Degree of Precision than any Crush or Peel Washer.
Fast and Easy to Install, our Kit Includes .003" through .009" Shims.
Using a .009" Shim on a 1/2"-28 TPI Barrel Gives Approx. 1/4 Turn in Timing
This 7 piece kit is a total of .042" of  Shim Stock, Allowing for Full 360 Adjustment.
Our 5 Piece Kit allows over 180 degree adjustment.
Made from USA Full Temper 300 Series Stainless Steel
Nominal O.D. of .751" X I.D. of .511"
AR-15 Compensator Shims
7 Pak   Assortment comes with 1 each
.003"  .004" .005" .006" .007" .008" and  .009"
14 Pak Assortment comes with 2 each
.003"  .004" .005" .006" .007" .008" and  .009"
28 Pak Assortment comes with 4 each
.003" .004" .005" .006" .007" .008" and .009"
5 Pak Assortment  1 each  - .003"  .004" .005" .006" .007"

-OR-  Choose Custom Size Pak and enter your sizes in the box below.
  Item # AR15-COMPSP7 Compensator Shim 7 Pak $14.00 Free Shipping           
 Item # AR15-COMPSP14 Compensator  Shim 14 Pak $24.00 Free Shipping       
 Item # AR15-COMPSP21 Compensator Shim 21 Pak $32.00 Free Shipping        
 Item # AR15-COMPSP28 Compensator Shim 28 Pak $38.00 Free Shipping        
 Item # AR15-COMPSP14 Compensator  Shim 5 Pak $10.00 Free Shipping       

AR-15 Compensator Shims
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below


AR-10 and 9 mm Compensator Shims
Muzzle Device Shims
Our Shims will fit Barrels with 5/8" Threads, 

including the AR-10 / 9 mm and any other caliber that uses 

By using Our TriggerShim Brand Muzzle Shims, you will be able to Achieve a Far Greater Degree of Precision than any Crush or Peel Washer.
Fast and Easy to Install, our Kit Includes .003" through .009" Shims. Using a .009" Shim on a 5/8"-24 TPI Barrel Gives Approx. 1/4 Turn in Timing. This 7 piece kit is a total of .042" of Shim Stock, Allowing for Full Adjustment. Made from USA Full Temper 300 Series Stainless Steel
Nominal O.D. of .751" X I.D. of .634"
Offered in the same assortments as AR-15 Shims Listed ABOVE

AR-10 Compensator Shims
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below


 AR-15 Bolt Catch Pin Shims
Use on both sides of the Bolt Catch as needed.
2 Pak Comes in .002"
4 Pak Assortment comes with 2 each .002" and .003"
6 Pak Assortment comes with 2 each .002", .003" and .004"
12 Pak Assortment comes with 3 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"
-OR- Choose Custom Size Pak from Drop-Down Menu and Enter your Requested
Thicknesses in Box Below.

Stock Number - S&WKLN-T/AR15BCSP

AR-15 Bolt Catch Shim Pak
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below


Customer Testimonial on our AR-15 Pivot Pin Shims;
Hello Lance,
                I received  my package of shims this week, shipping was fast, packaging and parts are in pristine condition.
I couldn't be more satisfied to purchase this assortment of AR-15 pivot shims.  The option of three different sizes allows you to fit correctly.  As a bench rest shooter I am confident these shims will eliminate the variance in my upper receiver.  This is really a hard to find item and is a quality upgrade.  It was a pleasure to do business with TriggerShims.com        
Thanks....  Jim in Michigan

      Got your shims in today. I have a Palmetto State Carbine with a 12 inch free float hand guard. I'm attaching shots of the pivot pin up close with your shims installed. I had to use one .002" shim and one .003" shim to get it just right. It was not the easiest to install but the effort is well worth it. Now the upper to lower fit is rock solid with still smooth operation when opening the rifle. I will try my best to never remove the pivot pin to avoid having to re shim. Excellent product, super fast shipping, incredibly satisfied. Very precise product. Thanks!
Jimmy D.

Small ID Pivot Pin Shims

Joe writes;
I need a AR-15 Pivot Pin Shim to fit the Cross Armory Pin Pal 

I looked into it and found Cross Armory manufactures an ingenious little device to replace the Front Takedown Pin.
Apparently in the heavily gun regulated states where elected officials don't believe in our Great American Constitution, AR-15 owners are now opening their receivers with great frequency.......
I guess it is because of the "Fixed Mag"

Anyway, their new design front pivot pin device requires an new size AR-15 Pivot Pin Shim, 
and since I am The Shim Guy, I manufactured them.

Introducing the 3/16" ID AR-15 Pivot Pin Shim #AR15SIDPPS or
AR-15 Small ID Pivot Pin Shim
With the same OD as a standard AR-15 Pivot Pin Shim, and a .189" ID, 

made specifically to fit the Cross Armory Pin Pal.
NOTE: This is a speciality shim - Check and Verify Your Size Before Ordering

Available in the same size packages as the Standard AR-15 Pivot Pin Shims above.

AR-15 Small ID Pivot Pin Shim Pak
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below


AR-15 Rifle Disassembly and Reassembly Guide

The Disassembly and Reassembly Guide for the  Colt AR-15
Colt AR-15
The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.
Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
16 pages & 20 high-resolution grayscale images.
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Colt AR-15 Gun Guide
$8.00 ea plus $2.00 Shipping

Accu-Wedge for AR-15 / M16 - Made in the USAAccu-Wedge
Drop-In Accuracy Fix; Stops Unwanted Movement Between Receiver Halves
Can be used in combination with our Pivot-Pin Shims.

One of the fastest, easiest, cheapest accuracy-improvements you’ll ever find for your AR! Tough, high-density synthetic rubber wedge drops into the space behind the rear takedown pin in the lower receiver to provide tension between the receiver halves and prevent movement for improved accuracy. Takes the “loose gun” factor out of the equation, so you shoot tight, consistent groups. Can be trimmed to accommodate any variation in upper-to-lower receiver fit.
And Made in the USA!

 Stock # AR15-Wedge     $12.95  w/Free Shipping 

WOLFF CAR-15, M4 AR-15 Carbine
Rifle Service Pak - Standard

Replacement springs are for Colt AR-15, CAR-15, M-16 and M4 rifles.
AR-15 Carbine Rifles and Most Clones.

Rifle Service Paks - Springs to Return Rifle to Original Factory Condition. All springs are Factory Specification Strength.
Contains 1 each Standard Recoil Spring, Bolt Catch Spring, Buffer Retainer Spring, Disconnector Spring, Dust Cover Spring, Ejector Spring, Extractor Spring, Forward Assist Spring, Front Sight Retainer Spring, Hammer Spring, Magazine Catch Spring and Trigger Spring.
Note: Hammer Spring is for Semi-Auto Models Only

Stock No. 30454.....
$ 38.95

Wolff 30454 $38.95 Free Shipping


US Colt AR-15/M16, M4/CAR-15 Reduced Power Trigger Function Pak
#34910     $12.95
Wolff 34910

Wolff Trigger Function Pak also fits AR clones, contains 1 each Reduced Power Trigger Spring and Disconnector Spring.
Designed to Lighten and Improve Trigger Function.

Wolff 34910   $12.95   Free Shipping

How to Install the Wolff 34910
Reduced Power Trigger Function Pak
Colt AR-15/M16, M4/CAR-15
and Clones.

Poor Mans Trigger Job

JP Enterprises Reduced Power Trigger Spring Pak
Colt AR-15/M16, M4/CAR-15
and Clones.

The "Poor Man's" Trigger JobJP Ent AR-15 Springs

Spending $140 or more for trigger parts on every AR-15 rifle you may own may not be realistic. If you can't quite pop for a JP Enterprises complete trigger kit, or have too many rifles and can't justify expensive triggers in all of them, then this may be for you. You can achieve a significant improvement over stock parts by using a set of JP custom trigger/hammer springs. With proper sear and hammer notch preparation, a livable 4.5 to 5.0 smooth trigger in a rifle with standard trigger components is possible. It will not have the extremely short engagement/over travel feel like the JP trigger, but you will have a smooth "roll-off" feel that will give usable trigger control. The spring kit includes trigger, hammer and disconnector spring and complete instructions on how to prep your parts for best results.

Note: Use of this spring kit requires the use of US manufactured (domestic) ammunition or reloads with domestic (non-NATO spec) primers as ignition reliability will beJPS3.5 Tag reduced with hard low sensitivity primers as found in made foreign made ammunition's and NATO specification ammunition. Use these parts only in rifles for recreational or competition shooting. Do not use this spring kit for any defense or duty applications or any AR-10 type rifle.

 JP Enterprises JPS3.5 $19.95 Free Shipping

How to Install the the JP Enterprises
Reduced Power Trigger Hammer Disconnector Spring Pak in an AR-15

How To Install a UTG PRO 6-Position Mil-Spec Stock Assembly

Polymer Stock Assembly
Mil-Spec Diameter Extension Tube from Aircraft Aluminum
 with Hard Anodizing
Comes Complete with:
Action Spring
Buffer Assembly
Tear Drop Ring
Locking Ring
A Very Nice Stock, I was Impressed when I Saw it,
Excellent Fit and Finish, I own one and I think you should too!

#WRBU6BM     $68.95   FREE Shipping 


M4 AR-15 Tri-Rail Barrel Mount
Fits Three Barrel Sizes

Length: 2.6 Inch
Width: 2 Inch
Height: 2.2 Inch

Comes Complete with 2 Sets of Adaptors for Perfect Fit on:
       Standard Barrel
       Bull Barrel
       Light Weight Barrel
Attaches to AR-15 Barrel and Compatible with
A2 Front Sight and Bayonet Lug
Made from Aircraft Aluminum with Black Anodizing
Includes Left,  Right and Bottom Picatinny Rails, 6 Slots Each
#WMNT-BR101TR-A $29.95 FREE Shipping!

 $29.95 FREE Shipping! 

AR 15 Model 4/15 UTG Detachable Swivel with Picatinny Mounting Base
Leapers TL-SWMTP01Solid Steel 1 1/4" Sling Loop
Precision Aircraft Aluminum Black Anodized Base w/ Thumb Nut Retention

Item # TL-SWMTP01 Imported

 #TL-SWMTP01 $17.95 FREE Shipping! 

UTG_MTU012.gifThis is one nice Gas Block, and it should sell for twice this price.
I have one on my AR-15, I am very happy with it and I think you will be too!
Fits .75" Barrel
Replaces Front Sight
Provides 4 Picatinny Rails
Machined from Aircraft Aluminum
Black Matte Finish
Top Rail Lower than Flat Top by .28"
Includes Gas Tube Roll Pin and Locking Screws

#WMTU012     $39.95     Free Shipping


Leapers MTU012H4 Made in USA High Profile Quad-rail Gas Block for AR15
 Replaces A2 Front Sight and Provides 4 Picatinny Rails
 Fits 0.75" Regular Barrel and Standard Gas Tube
 Extra Set Screw For Ultimate Security Enhancement
 Precision Machined from Aircraft Aluminum with Tight Tolerance Control
Hard Anodizing Black Matte Finish
Top Rail Matches Height of Flat-top Receiver for Accessory Installation
Includes Gas Tube Roll Pin and Locking Screws

#WMTU012H4     $44.95     Free Shipping 

Leapers UTG  MNT-751L - Low ProfileLeapers MNT-751L
Model 4/AR15 Flip-Up Front Sight
for High Profile Gas Block -or-
Mount to Hard Guard Rail

#WMNT-751L     $24.95   Free Shipping  

Model 4/15 Carbine 7" Free Float Quad Rail SystemMTU005 Free Float Quad Rail System

Made in USA right here in Michigan
Compatible with Both Gas Tube and Adams Piston System, it has a Slim Profile and Ultra Lightweight Design
Solid Aircraft Aluminum Construction with Hard Anodizing, Precision Machined and Torture Tested for Maximum Durability
Un-impeded Top Rail Platform Consistent with Flat Top Rails
Includes 12PCs Rail
MFR # MTU005

NOTE: Note: This model works with standard AR15 upper receiver. It may not be compatible with any re-designed, oversized upper receiver.

  #WMTU005    $97.95  FREE Shipping 

UTG Rubber Rail Guard 1 Dozen-BLACKRubber Rail Guard

Fits M4 and AR15 or Any Accessory Rail
on Rifles or Shotguns
For use with Picatinny or Weaver Rails
Flexible, Great Quality
Provides Protection of Rails and Handguards
I use them and like them, you will too.
Made of Black Rubber
Comes 12 to a Pack

#WRB-HP12B-A     $15.95   FREE Shipping 

AR-15 .22LR Conversion Kit*Link to CMMG .22 LR Conversion Kit
Dedicated Upper AR-15 .22 Build

Let me tell you about an AR-15 .22 LR Dedicated Upper I built with parts here at TriggerShims and from Brownell's through the links on this page.
The conversion kit was made by CMMG and is available in several different configurations.
I chose the CMMG Stainless Steel .22 LR Kit because the reviews I read said it didn't require any Break-in Time, and besides, I am a sucker for Stainless Steel.
The kit I have is the Bravo Model SS Conversion Kit with 25 Round Magazine,  there is an Alpha Model in Black Phosphate, and an Echo Model in SS with Forward Assist.
   I decided to build a complete Upper Assembly with a Dedicated Barrel, DPMS Flat Top Upper Receiver, Leapers Full Float Tactical Handguard,  Leapers Quad Rail Gas Block, (both available above on this page) and cap it off with a DPMS A1 Flash Hider. I like the A1 Flash Hider simply because it is simple, no timing/clock positions to worry about.
And cheap, you can pick one up for under $8 at Brownell's or at most any Gun Show.

Brownell's has a lot of AR-15 Upper Receivers to choose from, I went with a USA Made DPMS A3 and added a forward assist and Ejection Port Cover.Link To DPMS A3 Flat Top Upper Receiver
Precision machined from a premium-grade aluminum forging and hardcoat anodized for extra strength, with a tough, scratch-resistant Teflon coating, I know DPMS makes quality products, or I wouldn't recommend them.
Brownell's also carries USA Made Receivers  from Colt to Aero, Brownell's own brand and others.

I have to admit two things, first, shopping for the parts to assemble this gun was a lot of fun, and second, every time I shoot it I grin like a little kid!
There are a host of very nice AR-15 .22 clones on the market, from the Umarex Colt M4 OPS I saw at Cabela's for $499 on sale to the Mossberg Clone .22 Rifle at Walmart in the $225 range.
The reason I wanted to go with a Build was I could choose my own combination of parts, I enjoy the planning and shopping, and the sense of accomplishment in having it turn out as planned.CMMG .22 Dedicated Barrel Link to Brownells
I could have just added the CMMG .22 conversion to my .223 upper, but I wanted a dedicated .22 barrel and the M4 Contour CMMG AR-15/M16 Dedicated .22 LR Barrel
looked like a very nice barrel for the price, with the promise of better accuracy with the 1 in 16" twist rate common in .22 LR rimfire rifles.

How To Build an AR-15 .22 Rifle Parts PictureYou can see in the picture here to the left all the parts I used to build my .22 Rifle Upper,
the CMMG conversion kit came with a chamber adapter for a .223 barrel, (not shown) and the CMMG barrel came with an adapter for .22 which I have changed out on the bolt in the picture.
Since I sold off my old upper, I didn't have any parts to reuse, so I had to purchase all the parts here in this picture. You may want to re-purpose some of the parts you have on your .223 cal upper, and that is the great part of this build, all the parts are interchangeable with standard mil-spec AR-15 parts.
If you are using a .223 upper, the barrel gets replaced, the gas tube gets removed, and the bolt gets replaced with the conversion bolt.
If you are building from the ground up as I did, consider our Leapers UTG Free-Float Quad Rail System for sale above.
By using the Free Float Quad Rail, you will not need a Delta-Ring Assembly or a HandGuard Cap.
You will also need a Front Sight or a Gas Block, not for gas in this case but rather to mount your front sight to.
The CMMG Barrel is not cross drilled for an A2 Front Sight, and I wanted a gas block anyway since I was planning on using optics and could always add a clamp-on flip-up fromt sight later.
The Leapers UTG Quad Rail Gas Block we sell I can recommend without hesitation. Strong with Excellent Machining and a great Hard Anodized finish, it fits .750" barrels and has 2 set screws instead of one like many have, and it too is Made in the USA!

Next, we will be discussing the tools you will need to assemble your AR-15 .22 Rifle conversion.AR-15 Tools    -Click to Enlarge-

To install or remove a Barrel from a Receiver, you will need an Upper Receiver Action Block.
I use Brownells Upper Receiver Action Block as shown in the picture, and have found it to be sturdy and very satisfactory. The Heavy Duty Blocks surround your Receiver inside and out so you can firmly clamp it in a vise without risk of crushing, twisting or distorting it. I use hardwood blocks in my vise to protect the Action Block from damage from the knurling in the vise jaws.
You will also need some kind of wrench, there are many on the market with so many configurations it's like buying a Swiss Army Knife, but for this job you really only
need a AR-15/M16 Combination Wrench.
Installing the barrel is easy and straight forward. First, Lubricate your receiver threads with a good grease or anti-seize,
I like Rig Universal Gun Grease, and I put a light coat inside and out of the receiver threads, barrel nut and barrel extension.
The Barrel Nut needs a minimum of 35 ft lbs of torque, and up to a maximum of 80 ft lbs, so somewhere between those points we need to line up our gas tube holes.
The conversion barrel doesn't use a gas tube, but the Free Float Hand Guard depends on it's alignment for proper alignment of the rails.
After installing the barrel nut, the Full Float Quad Rail slides on and is held in place with 4 screws included in the hardware kit.
Make sure to put a drop of Blue Locktite on the screws and snug down evenly.
Slide the Quad Rail Gas Block on the barrel and level it to the upper receiver, put a drop of Locktite on the clamp screws and snug them down too.

Last, install the A1 Flash Hider, use a Barrel Vise or Hardwood Blocks in a vise and lightly tighten it on the barrel.
Install the Charging Handle and CMMG Bolt and you are ready to mount the Upper Receiver to the Lower.

  I have had this gun for a year now, and I wanted to do this video to show how easy it was to assemble a Dedicated .22 Cal AR-15 Upper.
The CMMG Conversion has worked flawlessly for me and the CMMG WASP Barrel is quite accurate. The whole thing is topped off with a Rimfire Optimized Nikon P-22 2-7X32 with BDC 150 Reticle that not only looks good with the matching AR Platform Rings, but is clear and easy to use.
I have had so much fun with this gun that it has achived Favorite Gun Status in my book.
If you talk to the folks at CMMG or Nikon, tell them Lance sent you, and I Promised that their products would not disappoint.
If you enjoyed this article, drop me a line at Lance@TriggerShims.com and let me know.
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* This CMMG Conversion Kit is Available through Brownell's

AR-15 Dedicated .22 Caliber Upper Receiver Assembly Video


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The next-generation PMAG GEN M3 is a 30-round 5.56x45 NATO (.223 Remington) polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons. The next-generation PMAG Window GEN M3 features transparent windows to allow rapid visual identification of approximate number of rounds remaining.

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