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    General Shim Instructions

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    General Shim Instructions


    Measuring and Shim Installation Instructions

    Ruger 10/22 Shim Installation Instructions Page Link

     These General Measurement Instructions Below are for Ruger Double Action Revolvers - GP100, SP101, RedHawk, Super Red Hawk and Alaskan, Security Six, Speed Six, and Police Service Six but generally apply to Most Firearms.

    USA Feeler Gauge Set

    The easiest way to Measure your Trigger or Hammer assembly is with a simple blade type feeler gauge.
    I sell a Nice U.S.A. Made set you can include in your orders.
    It comes with a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
    This 32 Blade Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use.
    The price is $16.95 and includes Free Shipping

    Trigger assembly and Hammer assembly Measurements are generally done in the same way.
    In the Video Example below I show the basic way to measure the Hammer Clearance to fit and install Hammer Shims.
    Fitting and installing Trigger Shims would follow this same basic example.

     These General Measurement Instructions are for Ruger Double Action Revolvers, but generally apply to Most Firearms.

     Trigger Shimming; Use the Feeler Gauge to Measure the Total Side Play
    between One Side of the Trigger and the Frame. In this example there will be about .009” trigger side play, yours may vary.
    Subtract .002” to .004" for Ending Clearance and divide the remainder by 2.
    In the example of an .009” gap,  .009" - .003" (.002" to .004") =.006”;  .006"/2=.003”
    Take two shim washers .003” thick and install them on both sides of the trigger.
    This will serve as a bearing surface and will keep the trigger from moving sideways when pulled. It will reduce friction and force the Trigger to make a more uniform contact with the Hammer.
    In the case of Trigger/Frame clearance of less than .006" a single .002" or .003" shim installed on the Left Side of the Trigger will give benefit to a Right Handed Shooter.
    After installing the shims, make sure the trigger moves freely with No Binding.
    I Do Not Recommend shimming tighter than .002" on the Trigger.

     Hammer Shimming;  With the Hammer Main Spring Removed to Relieve Tension,  Measure the Total Gap between

    One Side of the Hammer and the Frame.
    Unlike the Trigger, you will generally see a little more Clearance at the Hammer.
    This Clearance allows the Hammer to Rub the Frame, Causing Drag.
    Look at the Sides of the Hammer, if you see Arc-Like Scratches, it means the Hammer has been Dragging on the Frame.
    This Reduces Hammer Thrust and Speed, and in Extreme Instances could cause Light Strikes. 
    Installing a Shim at the Hammer’s Pivot Point Reduces Side Play, and adds a Bearing to Reduce Friction and Prevents the Hammer from Rubbing on the Frame.

    Use the same formula for the Hammer as the Trigger.

    Use the Feeler Gauge to measure the Total Side Play between one side of the Trigger and the Frame.
    In this example there will be about .012" Hammer Side Play, yours may vary.
    Subtract .002” to .004" for Ending Clearance and divide the remainder by 2.
    In the example of an .014” gap, .014" - .004" (.002" to .004") =.010”; .010"/2=.005”
    Take two shim washers .005” thick and install them on both sides of the Hammer.
    The best way to do this is to install the Hammer then slide the Shim down the side of the Hammer.
    Use a Feeler Gauge Blade to push the shim into position.

    After the Hammer Pivot Pin is seated, Check the Hammer for Free Movement, and be sure there is No Binding.
    I Do Not Recommend shimming tighter than .003" on the Hammer.

     Ruger Double Action Hammer Dog Shims;
    Shimming a Loose Hammer Dog can help with Double Action Trigger Pull.
    Use a Feeler Gauge to Measure Total Clearance, and allow a minimum .002" after Installing Shims
    Shims are available in .002" through .009"
    I Do Not Recommend shimming tighter that .002" on the Hammer Dog

    Barrel-Cylinder Gap and Endshake;
    The gap between the back of the barrel and the front of the cylinder is known as the Barrel-Cylinder (B-C) gap. The Front-To-Back Movement of the Cylinder is the Endshake.
    In order to properly measure these clearances you will need a Feeler Gauge Set. K-D Tools USA Made # 161 Deluxe Feeler Gauge is available all over the internet and at most good auto parts stores for under $10
    To check B-C gap, hold the cylinder rearward and insert the (thickest that will fit) feeler between the Barrel and the Cylinder, this is your Barrel-Cylinder Gap, write it down, it should be between .004" and .008"
    Next, hold the cylinder forward and re-check the gap, write it down.
    There may be no clearance here at all, the cylinder may touch.
    The difference between the two numbers is the amount of movement or Endshake your cylinder has, it should be between .001" and .004" on most Ruger Double Action Revolvers, other manufacturers clearances may vary
    Our Cylinder Shims can be used to adjust your B-C Gap and Endshake.
    Available in the following thicknesses; .002", .003", .004", .005", .006", .007", 008" and .009"

    Kevin Wilson's Trigger Job Guide
    Applies to all Large Frame Ruger
    Double Action Revolvers Including;
    SP101 / GP100 / SRH / Alaskan / Redhawk

    SP101 Trigger Job Guide


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