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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ's Wolff Gunsprings

TECH TIP VIDEO: How Long Will Bolt Shims Last?


To help you find answers to the most commonly asked questions

Q) What is a Trigger Shim?

A) manufactures small thin washers that take up excess clearance in firearm-specific applications.
A common problem with mass produced firearms is an excess amount of room between parts compared to a high-end custom made hand fitted gun.
This excess room between the parts can rub creating friction and can be felt as a "gritty action". manufactures Shim Washers specifically for Triggers, but also to address many different clearance issues affecting hundreds of different popular firearms.

TriggerShims is a Trademark Brand for Gun Shims we manufacture for not only Triggers, but Hammers, Bolts, Receivers, Bolt Catches, Cylinders, Yokes, Levers, Mainsprings, Firing Pins, Muzzle Brakes, Etc.

Gunsmiths have learned that if there is a common problem in a firearm that could be improved with a shim, likely makes it.

If you would like to order shims or shim kits;
We Appreciate Your Business!

We will ship the next business day from receiving your order.

I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction.
Thank You, we look forward to your order,

Canada and International Orders

Q. Do you ship Shims to Canada and Internationally?

A. Yes, I do Ship Shims Internationally - Shims Only - I do not export any other gun parts.
Anything other than Shims Ship to the USA Only, No Exports. No Exceptions.
Any order placed outside the USA that includes these parts, will be cancelled, No Exceptions. Shim Thickness Color Code

  • .0015"- Yellow
  • .002" - Black
  • .003" - Blue
  • .004" - Purple
  • .005" - Red
  • .006" - Orange
  • .007" - Green
  • .008" - Pink
  • .009" - Brown
  • .010" - Yellow

USA Feeler Gauge Set

The easiest way to Measure your Trigger or Hammer assembly is with a simple blade type feeler gauge.
I sell a Nice U.S.A. Made set you can include in your orders.
It comes with a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
This 32 Blade Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use.
The price is $16.95 and includes Free Shipping

Ruger 10/22 Shim Kit F.A.Q's

What can I expect when installing your Shim Kit?
Our Shim Kit will bring your trigger assembly up to the best it can produce, with smooth reliable operation. It will properly center the Trigger, Hammer, Sear and Disconnector reducing side play,  and can be used with all stock and most aftermarket triggers and hammers.

Best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%!

How much will the shim kit reduce my trigger pull?

The Shively Sales Ruger 10/22 Trigger Shim Kit will smooth a trigger's pull by properly centering the Trigger, Sear, Disconnector and Hammer inside the Trigger Assembly, removing excess play and rubbing. Properly centering these parts is important for several reasons, first, to reduce friction and felt trigger pull caused by mis-alignment, second, to align the Hammer and Sear for consistent engagement, and also to prevent the Trigger from rubbing the Housing when it is pulled. 
Field reports and feedback have all been very favorable, from an increase in smoothness to a reduction in felt pull.

Will installing a Shim Kit give me a "Target Trigger" or "Hair Trigger" ?

The Shim Kit will reduce friction caused by rubbing and mis-alignment. It is a key part in doing a Trigger Assembly upgrade.
It will not by its self, give you a "Target Trigger".
It will reduce felt trigger pull, some customers claim by a considerable amount, but I do not make these claims, only that it will reduce felt trigger pull caused by friction.

What can I do to get a super light, smooth, Target Trigger?

There are several steps you can take;
The Hammer is the major culprit of a heavy trigger, followed by  friction, springs, sear, and polishing the internal parts. 
I have a Power Custom Hammer and Sear kit in my 10/22, along with a Shim Kit, and Wolff Reduced Power Springs, and my gun measures in at just under 3 pounds of trigger pull.
It is smooth, consistent, and has greatly increased my target scores over the stock trigger.
All of the parts I used on my trigger upgrade are available to purchase on our web site

How many shims should I install?

A total of 8 shims are needed to do a complete shim job on a 10/22
You need 2 shims for the Hammer on the Hammer Pin,  2 for the Disconnector at the Disconnector Pin, 2 for the Sear at the Trigger Pivot Pin, and 2 for the Trigger at the Trigger Pivot Pin.
The 8 Piece Standard Shim Kit supplies all needed shims, and would prevent the trigger assembly parts from rubbing.

Why would I need or want a 24 Piece Deluxe Shim Kit?

Over the many years of production of the Ruger 10/22, tolerances have ranged from tight to loose. On some guns, the Standard Kit will take up excessive play in the trigger assembly, and at the very least stop the individual parts from rubbing the sides.
On most guns, a stack up of shims will be needed to produce the ideal fit.
The ideal fit would be to eliminate most of the side play in the trigger assembly, so that the Hammer, Sear and Disconnector would engage in the same place each time.
You must however, leave enough play to prevent binding, at the very minimum .002" to .004" of room should be left at each pin location.


How can I tell how many shims I will need?


The easiest way to measure your trigger assembly is with a simple feeler gage.
With the trigger assembly removed from the receiver, push the Hammer Pin L to R about 1/8", you do not need to remove it. Slide a feeler gage between the hammer bushing and the housing.
Start out with .006" to .008", and work your way up .002" at a time until you find a tight fit.
To give you an example, (see Figure 1) with a feeler gage my 10/22 had a loose .018", and a tight .019" fit. I installed two .008" shims. On my Trigger at the sear however, there was a little more room, and I ended up installing 2 .008" and 2 .002" shims. (see Figure 2)
You will want to install an equal quantity of shims on each side, and remember, it is better to be a little loose rather than too tight!

It is of the utmost importance not to shim too tightly!
You will want some play, and no binding on any parts.
You Are Solely Responsible For The Safe Operation of Your Firearm.

I have a new "Ruger 10/22 Plastic Trigger Assembly"

It has the bushings built into the hammer, do you have anything to help me?  -Scott


Special shims that you can use on your stock hammer without changing it or the bushings.
Please specify when ordering shims for "PLASTIC TRIGGER ASSEMBLY"

Metal or Plastic Style Shim Kit?

Choose from the Metal Trigger Housing Kit, or the Plastic/Universal Trigger Housing Kit.
The only difference is in the Hammer Shim.
The Metal Trigger Housing uses Ruger Hammer Bushing #B-43 so the Shim is made to fit between the Bushing and the Hammer.
Most new style Plastic Trigger Housings use a Hammer that has the B-43 Bushing Built into the Hammer, so that Hammer Shim will fit the Hammer Pin, and be installed between the Integral Bushing B-43 and the Trigger Housing.
Our Plastic/Universal Style Hammer Shim will fit Both Style Trigger Housings.

10/22 Plastic Trigger and Housing Troubleshooting FAQ's


I have a 10/22 with the new Plastic Trigger Assembly and My Trigger Won't Reset after installing Shims or a Target Hammer Kit

Here are some things to check;
When installing shims, if there is a lot of side play in the Sear due to the through pin hole being oversize, there is a chance the Sear could
catch on the Disconnector Shim.
You can check for this on installation, after you have shims installed in your Disconnector and Trigger Shims and before
installing the Trigger, Test the Sear and Disconnector by pressing front to back to cycle them.
They should snap crisply in both directions, even when the Sear is pushed down and to the side at the same time.
If the Sear and Disconnector don't work properly, remove the Disconnector Shims.
The easiest thing to do with a Plastic Housing Trigger Assembly w/ stock Sear is to leave the Disconnector Shims out.

A Note About the Volquartsen Target Hammer VC10TH in Plastic Trigger Assemblies;

When installing the VC10TH in a plastic trigger assembly we have found through field reports that it is best to reuse the Stock Trigger Return Spring as the one in this kit may not be heavy enough to properly reset the trigger on some plastic trigger assemblies.

I noticed the shims are smoother on one side than the other, Why?

I manufacture my shims with a stamping process which leaves one side smoother feeling than the other.
I recommend for a super smooth polished shim, use a Fine Arkansas Hone, 1200 Wet/Dry Sand Paper or Crocus Cloth, put a drop of light oil on the surface of the hone and buff shim in a circular motion with the tip of your finger.
You will be amazed how quickly you can put a super smooth custom polished finish on your shims, However, they will break-in and smooth out on their own after a little use.

Your Wolff 10/22 Rifle Tune-up Pak includes Reduced Power Trigger and Sear Springs, but has an Extra Power Hammer Spring, why?  -Owen

Good Question Owen, The reduced power trigger and sear spring as one would expect help to lighten the trigger pull, but the reason the hammer spring is extra power is this; the extra power hammer spring gives you a faster hammer, more consistent ignition, but most importantly less time to move off the target from the time you pull the trigger until the bullet exits the barrel.

Volquartsen F.A.Q.'S

How does the automatic bolt release work?

Your stock 10/22 works like this; 
Pull the bolt back with your right hand, with your left hand you lock the bolt in place with the little lever in front of your trigger guard- (the bolt release)
With your stock gun; your bolt is locked open, you pull the bolt back a little, AND with your left hand you push the bolt release and let your bolt go forward.
-If you install the Automatic Bolt Release-
Your bolt is locked open, You pull the bolt back a little AND LET IT GO
Thats it, Automatic Bolt Release, no funbling with that little bolt release lever to release the Bolt from the Open Position.

Target Trigger F.A.Q'S

I purchased a Power Custom Hammer and Sear kit, but have lost the instructions, and my Safety doesn't work.

It is of the Utmost Importance that a firearm with a malfunctioning safety never be used.
Instructions for installation of the Power Custom Hammer and Sear Kit are available here, (CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE) and details fitting of the Sear to the Safety, which will require hand stoning of the Sear. Without the hand stoning the Safety will appear on but the rifle will still fire. Sear must be stoned to fit to make the Safety work properly. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING THIS, THE FIREARM SHOULD BE TAKEN TO A REPUTABLE GUNSMITH.

Scope Ring F.A.Q.'S

What size Scope Ring do I need?

Scope Ring Guidelines Courtesy of the Leupold Company

50mm OBJECTIVES will almost always use HIGH rings in a given style. In certain instances, such as with extremely heavy barrels or some makes of firearm, SUPER HIGH rings may be necessary.

42-45mm OBJECTIVES will almost always use MEDIUM rings in a given style. In certain instances, 45mm scopes may require HIGH rings.

40mm OBJECTIVES will almost always have enough clearance with LOW rings in a given style, though MEDIUM rings will give slightly more clearance, particularly when using a barrel with a thicker shank portion or a heavier contour.

28-36mm OBJECTIVES will almost always use LOW rings in a given style. Again, in certain instances of a heavy barrel or heavy shank portion of a custom barrel, medium rings may have to be used, but LOW rings will almost always suffice.

20-24mm OBJECTIVES will almost always be able to use LOW rings, but in some cases may also use SUPER LOW rings. In this instance, bolt handle clearance of the eyepiece will come into play more so than objective/barrel clearance and should be carefully considered.

FAQ's Wolff Gunsprings

Wolff GunSpring FAQ's

Wolff GunSprings FAQ's

My spring got shorter after I used it for a short time. Is it bad?
Most new springs will take a set when they are first compressed. That means they will shorten up. This is a normal event and you should not be immediately alarmed. The greater the stress on the spring, generally the more set that will occur. All Wolff springs take this set into consideration. The ratings of the springs you receive are the ratings after the set has occurred. After set has taken place, the spring should remain essentially stable for the life of the spring.

My new lighter spring is longer than the heavier spring for the same gun. Is this a problem?
Wolff offers many springs in different weights for the same use. Factors such as the size of the wire, the number of coils, the outside diameter of the spring as well as the free length determine the strength of a particular spring. Often, lighter springs are longer than heavier springs because lighter wires and/or a different number of coils are used. Free length is then adjusted to achieve the exact strength desired.

The new spring I purchased is longer than the original spring so I don't think it will fit.
The free length of a spring is not the most important factor in determining whether it will fit. Many Wolff springs are longer than factory springs. This is normal and the spring will fit.

The more important factor in determining whether a spring will fit is the number of coils in the spring times the diameter of the wire. For example, take 2 springs - one is 7 inches long and the other is 4 inches long. If both springs contain the same number of coils and use the same size wire, both springs will compress to the same solid lengths. The strengths will however be quite different but both springs will fit in the same application.

Taurus Frame Sizes compared to S&W

Taurus® Small Frame (Mdls 17, 85, 64, 94, 941, 605, 905) = S&W® J Frame
Taurus® Compact Frame (Mdls TRACKER™, 617, 817 = Larger than S&W® Small Frame; Smaller than S&W® K Frame
Taurus® Medium Frame (Mdls 65, 80, 669, 66, 82) = S&W® K Frame
Taurus® Large Frame, (Mdls 44, 608) = Slightly Larger than S&W® N Frame
Taurus® XLarge Frame = (Mdl Raging Bull™ Series) = Larger than S&W® N Frame, Smaller than S&W® X Frame

Volquartsen Parts for TC/22
The compatibility of aftermarket parts between the Ruger® 10/22® and the Thompson/Center® T/CR22® is no different.  The TG2000 Trigger Group does fit, the only drawback of utilizing TG2000 is the bolt hold open feature found on the T/CR22® would be eliminated.
VC10TH Target Hammer for the 10/22 will drop right into the factory trigger group, and is approximate 3 lb pull.
VC10BR Automatic Bolt Release will also fit the factory trigger group.
The Competition Bolt is a complete drop-in replacement for the TCR/22® receiver.
VC10EE Exact Edge Extractor, SureStrike Firing Pin, and Extended Bolt Handle all work together or as separate items.



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