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Henry Rifle

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American Made Henry Rifle

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Henry Lever Action Rifle
Shim and Spring Kits

TECH TIP: Q) Will Your Shims Fit My Henry?

A) I make two different kits for Henry Rifles; One for the Small Frame .22 Rifle and one for the Large Frame Rifle.
The models known to fit are listed, if your model is not listed, I don't know if it will fit, you will have to measure your rifle pins and look at my shims sizes listed and decide yourself

Q) Do I Need Shims? A) That is for you or your Gunsmith to decide.... if there are parts in your rifle that are loose and rubbing, there may be some benefit, however adding a shim by itself is not going to reduce the pull of a Heavy Trigger without other work

Henry Rifle Shims

Henry Rimfire Lever Action

Classic Rimfire Lever Action Rifles

Henry Lever Action Rimfire Rifle Shims
All Lever .22 / .17 Rimfire Rifles
~ Small Frames L.R. and Magnum ~
H001 / H003 / H004 Series

Henry Rimfire Lever Action Rifle Shims

The Henry Lever Action is a classic Western-style lever action rifle, and one of the most popular .22's on the market today.
Our Lever, Hammer and Trigger Shims will fit all H001 H002 H004 Henry Rifles including the Classic, Carbine, Youth, Magnum in .22 and .17 HMR and all similar frame sizes

Henry Rimfire Lever Action Rifle Lever, Hammer and Trigger Shims
Lever and Hammer (.208" X .419")
Trigger (.126" X .251")

Our Trigger Shims will Reduce or Eliminate Friction Caused by Trigger/Frame Drag and
can give a Slightly Lighter Trigger Pull
Our Lever/Hammer Shims will give Better Strikes by Reducing Hammer/Frame Drag and can be used to snug a loose Lever

Henry Rimfire Shims Regular Assortment - 2 each of Lever, Hammer and Trigger Shims
6 Piece Kit comes with .003" Shims
12 Piece Kit comes with .003" and .005" Shims
18 Piece Kit comes with .002", .003" and .005"
24 Piece Kit comes with .002", .003", .005": and .007"

-OR- You Can Specify Any Thickness from 002" to 009" in Drop Down Box

Price Includes Free Economy Shipping Anywhere

NOTE: This Kit is for Henry Rimfire Lever Rifles

Henry H001 L/H/T Shim Kit
Choose Assortment Shim Pak
Enter Choice / Request Below

TECH TIP VIDEO: H001 Rimfire Lever Action Shims

Review: Lance, the shims worked great. Made the rifle feel like butter. Thanks, Bill V.

Henry Big Boy Lever Action

Big Boy Rifles

Henry Lever Action Big Boy
All Similar CenterFire Lever Rifles
Large Frames
H006 / H009 / H010 / H012 / H018 Series

Henry Centerfire Lever Action Rifle Shims

Henry Centerfire Lever Action

Our Lever, Hammer and Trigger Shims will fit all H006 - H009 - H010 - H012 Henry Rifles including the Big Boy and Large Caliber Rifles,
and Similar Frame Rifles and H018 .410

If your model is not listed, Check the Henry Catalog or
Measure your Lever, Hammer and Trigger Pins and
check sizes below. Let me know and I will add your model number to this list.

Lever (.221" X .419")
Hammer Shims (.168" X .314")
Trigger (.095" X .251")

Henry Big Boy Rifle Shims

Regular Assortment - 2 each of Lever, Hammer and Trigger Shims
6 Piece Kit comes with .003" Shims
12 Piece Kit comes with .003" and .005" Shims
18 Piece Kit comes with .002", .003" and .005"
24 Piece Kit comes with .002", .003", .005": and .007"

-OR- You Can Specify Any Thickness from 002" to 009" in Drop Down Box

Price Includes Free Economy Shipping Anywhere

NOTE: This Kit is for Most Henry Centerfire Lever Rifles

Henry H006 L/H/T Shim Kit
Choose Assortment Shim Pak
Enter Choice / Request Below

Hey Lance, I finally had a chance to install the shims in my Henry Big Boy. I experimented with different sizes in each case, but ended up with 0.005” for the trigger, hammer, and lever. I know there’s such a thing as too tight and I believe I ended up with the perfect amount of play for all 3. I appreciate the quality of your shims and the care taken in labeling them.
Mike in Michigan

Hi Lance, I was really pleased with your product. I purchased a 6 Pak Kit / Lever Shim for my Henry 44 mag carbine. Came right away and I got a little lucky going with the .005 right away. Took me two minutes and it was perfect... just right. So glad I found you guys. All the best! ~ John in WA

Hi Lance, I received my order and have installed the lever shims and WOW, what a difference they have made on my Henry X Model!! Thanks again for the pleasant and prompt service!! ~ Jeff in Canada

TECH TIP - Henry Spring

TECH TIP: Reduced Trigger Pull using
Marlin Hammer Springs for Henry Big Boys

Good Afternoon Lance,
Big Mikes 30-30 Target Got the 30-30 shim kit (H006 / H009 / H010 / H012 Series) in the mail this week and installed it on my Henry. I was impressed how close the tolerances were once I ordered the correct kit for my rifle! Action was, if anything, smoother with shims installed on the trigger (2 x .007"), hammer (2 x .007"), and lever (2 x .003") than it had been with the other shims (from the H001 .22 kit) on.
I took it to the range today with the light "straight body" Wolff hammer spring installed. (Our # 33101) It fired factory ammo flawlessly but had one light primer strike early on with one of my reloads.
Rather than move up to the heavier Wolff "barrel body" (Our # 32501) spring I tried putting a brass #6 washer on each end of the straight spring to increase the tension very slightly, which worked like a champ; no more light strikes with any ammo.
According to my spring gauge adding those washers increased the trigger pull from 3 1/2# to about 3 3/4#. I wouldn't have believed a new spring, shims, and a couple of washers would improve that trigger so much.
I would definitely recommend the straight body Wolff (Marlin) spring for Henry 30-30 owners, with the caveat that they might want to have a couple of #6 washers on hand if their ammo has hard primers, or else move up to the Wolff "barrel body" (Our # 32501) spring with its 4.5# pull (and much harder hammer strike). I kept the original Henry Hammer Spring but with its 5.5# pull I doubt it'll ever go back on the rifle.
Thanks again for all your help with this project
Mike in AZ

Henry Rifle Springs

BOX32501 Wolff 32501 Straight Body Hammer Spring

Marlin / Henry Rifle Hammer Spring ~ Barrel Shaped
Wolff 32501

~ Choose Reduced Power 32501 or Extra Power 16401~

While not specifically made for Henry, many guys are having success with this Marlin RP Spring 32501 (and the 33101 Straight Spring) in Henry Centerfire Rifles Too!
See Our Tech Tip and Thanks to Mike in AZ

Reduced Power - Barrel Shape Design
Over All Length = 1.490"
Fits Marlin 39A, 94, 95, 336 and 444 Series
R.P. Stock No. 32501.....$ 11.95

Extra Power - Barrel Shape Design
Over All Length = 1.590"
Fits Marlin 39A, 94, 95, 336 and 444 Series
E.P. Stock No. 16401.....$ 11.95

Free USA ONLY Shipping w/ Tracking

~ Choose Reduced Power RP or Extra Power EP from Drop-Down Box ~ V

Choose a 2 Pak and $ave

Choose RP 32501 or XP 16401
Enter Special Request Below

BOX33101 Wolff 33101 Straight Body Hammer Spring

Marlin / Henry Straight RP Hammer Spring ~ Wolff 33101

Not made specifically for Henry Rifles, many guys are having success with this spring (and the 32501) in Henry Centerfire Rifles Too!
This spring 33101 may need an additional #6 Shim Washer in event of Light Strikes in the Henry Rifle - See Our Tech Tip
Click Here to See Our Tech Tip on the Henry Rifle Page

RP Reduced Power ~ Straight Body design Optimal for Cowboy Action Shooting in Marlin Rifles.

Reduced Power 33101 - Straight Body Shape Design
Over All Length = 1.290"

Fits Marlin 39A, 94, 95, 336 and 444 Series
Stock No. 33101.....$ 11.95

Free USA ONLY Shipping w/ Tracking

Choose a 2 Pak / $21 to Add a Reduced Power 32501 Barrel Spring and $ave

~ Choose Single Spring 33101 or Combo Pak 33101/32501 from Drop-Down Box ~ V

Marlin 33101 Straight Hammer Spring
Enter Special Request Below

Just installed them and what a difference....everything is nice, tight, and crisp! Thanks Again
- Mark in Fl

Your Henry big boy shim kit worked great! I did have to make my own sacrificial assembly pin out of a bamboo skewer. Once my brother and son feel what it did for my rifle, I'll be ordering again for theirs. Made an already great rifle a little tighter and smoother, with an improved trigger pull. Thanks for your great customer service.
Rob in Nebraska

USA Feeler Gauge Set

The easiest way to Measure your Trigger or Hammer assembly is with a simple blade type feeler gauge.
I sell a Nice U.S.A. Made set you can include in your orders.
It comes with a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
This 32 Blade Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use.
The price is $16.95 and includes Free Shipping

Shim Measuring and Installation Page

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