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Ruger M77 Mark II and 77/Series Bolt Action Rifles including 77/17 - 77/22 - 77/44 - 77/357

Trigger Shims
Sear Shims
Bolt Shims
Wolff Spring Kits
Volquartsen Target Sear for
Ruger 77/22, 77/17, 77/22 Hornet, 77/44 and 77/357

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Our Shims are Available in .002" through .009" 
Order Any Kit on This Page and Request Custom Sizes via Email.

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*Bolt Shims*
How Does a Bolt Shim Work?
77/22 Bolt

The actual head space is in the recessed face of the bolt. Shimming between the two bolt halves ensures the bolt is up tight against the breech. If the bolt isnt up tight against the breech it tends to cause misfires and light strikes. If your getting misfires and light strikes shimming the bolt is a good way to solve it.
 - Jerry M.

Ruger 77/22 Bolt Disassembly Video
Ruger 77/22 Bolt Shim Installation

 Our 77/22 Bolt Shims also fit 77/17
.17 WSM, .17 HMR, .22 Long Rifle,
.22 Magnum, .22 Hornet,
.357 Magnum, & .44 Magnum

Ruger 77/22 - 77/17 Bolt Shim PaksRuger 77/22 Bolt Shims
Including 77/22 Hornet, 77/44 and 77/357

Our Stainless Steel Shims will fit the 2 Piece 77/22 77/17 Bolt
or any bolt with Factory Number J1001 Bolt Handle
This includes
17 Hornet, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, 22 LR,
22 WMRF, 22 Hornet, 357 Magnum, & 44 Rem Mag
Our Bolt Shims are a nominal .440" X .650"
Available in your choice of Thickness in;  .002" .003" .004"  .005" .006" .007" and .008"
Choose Quantity from Drop Down Box below, or specify thickness by sending me an e-mail with your order.
4 Pak Assortment includes 1 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"
8 Pak Assortment includes 2 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"
12 Pak Assortment includes 3 each .002" .003" .004" and .005"
24 Pak Assortment includes 6 each .002" .003" .004" and .005"
2 Pak  *Specify your size on email or at check-out

  Item # SS-77/22-17BS Bolt Shim Pak  - price includes Free Shipping   

77/22 77/17 Bolt Shim Pak
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below

77/22 Bolt Shim Installation Instructions

Ruger 77/22 77/17 Bolt Shim Installation
Installing Bolt Shims requires fitting by hand, with the Bolt Installed
in the Rifle, and Locked Down.  You do not measure with the Bolt out of the Rifle.

You will need a 4 Pak to properly fit a rifle.
Start with the thinnest shim, (.002") and install, then check to see how your bolt closes.
As long as it continues to close normally, continue to add shims .001" at a time, stacking as necessary.
(Example = .003", .004", .005", Stack .002"+.004"=.006" .003"+.004"=.007" etc.)
When you have installed enough shims that the bolt just begins to be hard to close,
remove .001" so it closes normally or just (ever-so) slightly tighter than normal.
If you have to force or put undue stress on your bolt to close it, you should reduce the number of shims.
The Bolt Play between the Bolt Halves was designed into the assembly by Mr. Ruger
We are only concerned with the Bolt-Breech lock-up fit, and there you can have anywhere from
<.001" ( perfect) to >.005"+ which will definitely affect accuracy.
The only (easy) way to measure this is with a $10 Bolt Shim Kit, which
is both a Measuring Tool and a Fix.

Bolt Shims have in many instances cured light strikes.
Will they help with Accuracy? Don't take my word for it,
Read the Customer Reviews at the bottom of this page or on our Reviews Page.

Bolt Stuck in the Fired Position?
Watch this video, starting at 3:40

*Trigger and Sear Shims* 

Ruger 77/22 77/17 Trigger/Sear Pin Shim Paks
1/8 Inch Trigger Shims
Our Stainless Steel Shims will fit 1/8" Trigger Pins, are 1/4" outside diameter and will fit a multitude of applications including the D19 Trigger Pivot Pin found in the 77 Rifles and variations including the 77/22, 77/17, 77/22 Hornet 77/357 and 77/44 and Mark II, M77 Mark II Sporter,
Available in your choice of Thickness in  .002" .003" .004" .005" .006" .007" .008" and .009"
Choose Standard Assortment OR email me with special size requests.
2 Pak .002"
4 Pak 2 Each .002" and .003"
8 Pak 4 Each .002" and  .003"
12 Pak 4 Each .002", .003", .004"
24 Pak 8 Each .002", .003", .004"

  Item # SS-1/8TSP Trigger Shim price includes Free Shipping   

77/22 1/8 Trigger Shim Pak
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below

*Wolff Gunsprings*

Wolff GunSprings for Ruger 77/22 Bolt Rifles

40% Reduced -vs- Stock Spring - Free Length .830"
Will give an average Trigger Pull Reduction of 1/2 to 1 lbWolff 30371 77/22 Trigger Sear Spring
Ruger 77/17 AND 77 Centerfire Models - 77/357 77/44 77/50
Also Model 77 Mark I and II Long and Short Actions
Use this spring with the VC77TS if trigger pull is too light.

 NOTE: Not for Target Models and Hawkeye Series
Not for use in Discontinued model 77

Contains: 1 Reduced Power Trigger/Sear Spring
Stock No. 30371.....
$ 7.95

 Wolff 30371    $7.95     Free USA Shipping  

RUGER 77/22 RIFLE TUNE-UP PAK Wolff 30375
Includes 77/17 and 77/22 Hornet
Ruger 77/357 and 77/44
Pak contains 1 each 23 Lb. Blitzschnell striker spring and 1 each Reduced Power Trigger / Sear Spring to Improve Trigger Pull.
Stock No. 30375.....
$ 15.95

 Wolff 30375    $15.95     Free USA Shipping

Wolff BLITZSCHNELL® precision speed-lock rifle striker springs for bolt-action rifles are made from the highest quality, high-tensile round section wires, as are all Wolff Springs. Each Blitzschnell striker spring has squared ends and is individually hand ground to provide flat seats, cleaned and oiled for long life and solid performance and require no fitting. Blitzschnell striker springs provide dramatic improvement in lock-time over fatigued and factory springs which can greatly improve accuracy and reliability of bolt-action rifles. Each Blitzschnell striker spring is individually packaged and identified, and is ready for immediate installation and use.

Ruger 77/22 Reduced Power Sear Spring Installation

Ruger 77/22 Blitzschnell Striker Spring Installation

Ruger 77 Striker Spring Installation - $40
Installing the Striker Spring on Ruger 77 Rifles requires a Special Tool

This is an easy straight-forward installation, I show you how in the Ruger Striker Spring Installation Video.

For the Folks who do not want to do this themselves, I offer this service; For a Flat Fee of $40 I will disassemble your bolt, clean it, Provide and Install a New Striker Spring kit, ($15.95) reassemble and lubricate, and Provide Return Shipping Post Paid - Insured. ($10)
To request this service, shoot me an email and I will send you shipping and payment details.



Accessories for 77/22 - 77/17 Bolt Rifles

Volquartsen 2 Pound Trigger Pull Kit

Volquartsen Target Sear Kit 77/17 77/22
Also Fits 77/44, 77/357 and 77/50 Volquartsen 77/22 Target Sear

Drop-In For Crisp, Light, Trigger Pull, the Volquartsen Target Sear Kit
Greatly improves trigger pull and let-off with no fitting required. Surface-ground from hardened steel, sapphire honed and polished with a special return sear spring.
Designed to reduce the Trigger Pull to approximately 2 lbs. The mating surface is precision surface ground.
Includes Lighter Trigger/Sear Spring - Free Length .625"
Use with Wolff 30371 Trigger/Sear Spring for a slightly increased Trigger Pull - around 2.5+ Pounds.
Fits, 22 LR, 22 WMR and 17 HMR, 17 WSM and 77/22 Hornet
Also Fits 77/44, 77/357 and 77/50
Fall 2017 Sale - New Lower Price - was $44.95 now $42.95
Stock No. VC77TS.........$42.95   - In Stock and Ready to Ship
You Will  Enjoy the Trigger Pull Long After Price is Forgotten!

Volquartsen 77/22 Target Sear # WVC77TS......$42.95....Free USA Shipping!

77/22 Bolt Action Rifle
Extended Magazine Release

Fits Ruger 77/22 .22LR, .22 Mag , 77/17 the Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release
Extends Below the Receiver for Easy Operation.
Aluminum Part Drops in Easily to provide a Big, Easy to Hit Release for
Fast and Convenient Mag Changes.  Contoured for a Comfortable Fit.
Made in the U.S.A.
Will fit some 77/357 and 77/44
Stock No. VC77MR Mag Release.........$24.95

 Volquartsen VC77MR ......24.95.......Free Shipping - USA   

Choose Black or Silver

Wolff GunSprings for Ruger M77 Mark II Bolt Rifles


Wolff 30376 
Pak contains 1 each 24 Lb. Blitzschnell striker spring and
1 each reduced power trigger/sear spring to improve trigger.
 Fits Centerfire models except Target models and Hawkeye Series, 
Trigger/Sear spring fits Mark II Only
Stock No. 30376.....
$ 15.95

Wolff 30376  $15.95 Free Shipping USA  

Menck # RRBT
Remington Ruger Bolt Tool
Discontinued at Brownell's
Try MidwayUSA.com - In Stock as of 7/20/2017

Eases Disassembly Of Firing Pin & Spring In Remington 600-700 Series And Ruger 77
One end for Remington 600-700 series bolt actions including XP-100 and 40; the other for Ruger.
Handscrew compresses spring until cross pin can be driven out.
Can be used on 77/22 with addition of 2" X 3/8" Dowel Rod, not included.


Ruger M77 Factory Disassembly Video
M77 Mark II and Hawkeye Rifle

Ruger M77 Factory Reassembly Video
M77 Mark II and Hawkeye Rifle

Customer Reviews

Latest Reviews

Hello Lance, I bought a Ruger 77-44 back in 1997. I put on a nice Leupold scope and went to the shooting range with several of my favorite loads. It shot a 12", pie plate size group at 100 yards. I was very disappointed, so I cleaned it up and took it home and stuffed it in the very back of my vault.(out of sight, out of mind). I have two revolvers that will out shoot this rifle with open sights. Several years later, I took it out and tried several more "favorite loads". It shot a nice 12" group. I then took it to my local gunsmith and had it pillar bedded and crowned and everything checked out. Back to the range for yet another nice 12" group. I was beyond disappointed. So, back to the very back of the vault. Scott&#39;s 77/44 Target
One day I was sitting at my computer and I put into Google, "Why won't my Ruger 77-44 shoot? I started reading and that is how I found you. I ordered the bolt shims and springs and installed them right along with your video. Then back to the range with my favorite loads, and WOW, was I surprised. I am sending you my best group target on that day. My group went from a pie plate to a tennis ball with your parts. Thank You for the excellent parts, video, research and information.
- Scott

Hi Mr. Shively, I meant to write you much sooner than this, but better late than never? I had to tell you that the Ruger 77/22 Bolt Shims you sold me were amazing. The accuracy improvement was stunning. Who knew that for $10, I could improve the gun so much!? I have been trying to get this 77/22 to shoot as well as my 10/22 for years now. Different stock, bedding job, Shilen bull barrel and still, my 10/22 with 'cheap' Butler Creek barrel would out-shoot it. It was frustrating! Not anymore. The shims you sell are miracle workers. Once I got the right combo in the bolt, accuracy became a '1 hole' affair. The Ruger 77/22 now shoots any ammo I put into it much better than before, and with genuine target ammo (Wolf Target Match), it just rips one ragged hole at 50 yards if I do my part. With the 'left-over' shims, I fixed up my sons 77/22, too, and it was the same effect. In his gun, groups were cut in HALF from what they were! Amazing. Thank you so much for making a great product at a very affordable price. Your shims make such a big difference. You helped me "love" my rifle again! Sincerely,
- Michael in TX

 I recently received a Ruger 77/22 in .22 Hornet after waiting almost 6 months for it.  It gave pretty good patterns, not quite full choke, more like modified.  No matter what I did it wouldn’t do any better. In addition to terrible grouping, somewhere along the way while shooting my bullet impacts would suddenly start marching up the target to the northeast.  In one case the string measured at least a foot and a half.  It may have been more but the last two shots were off the target board.   I went online and read that quite a few people were having trouble getting the 77/22 to group and the recommendation was shimming between the front and rear of the bolt.  Your address was given so I ordered a set.  I put in a .003" shim and got some improvement but not enough to crow about.  I decided simply putting in a shim without testing wouldn’t do it.  I removed the .003" shim and put in a .004" and a .002" to equal .006".  The bolt was definitely tighter!  I could close it, but it didn’t feel right.  I took out those shims and put in a  .005".  Eureka!  The bolt closed snugly.  Next trip to the range got me groups that were worthy of the Hornet!  And no more marching to the northeast. Your shims work!  Thanks.
Archie M.
Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

I have an older Ruger 77/22 Hornet that I was about to throw in the river out of frustration with accuracy. I glass bedded it, put a new trigger in it and it still wouldn’t group no matter what ammo I tried. I put your shim kit in it and like magic it shoots 1 inch groups all day long. Thanks for a great product. Jeff 1/18

 Received the order today and am very satisfied.  Actually better quality than expected.  I had been searching for a very long time for pre-made shims for the Ruger 77/22 Hornet when another member at http://rugerforum.net/ posted your site address with high recommendations.  Next time I'm in that forum I'll certainly endorse his recommendation.  Thanks for a great product - Jerry in OK

Hi Lance
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know your shims arrived
and I am more than pleased with the results.  I shimmed the bolt on my
Ruger 77/22 and the preliminary tests have been a reduction in group sizes
approximately 25 to 30%.  Thank you so much for a quality product and the
prompt shipping was a nice surprise.  I will certainly be recommending
your product!
Norm in Saskatchewan, Canada

My son and I have several 77/22's
My 22 hornet would not shoot at all, I tried different loads, different bullets, nothing worked.
My son told me about reading on a Ruger forum about your product .  I put .007" in the hornet, not only
does it shoot great one hole at 75 yards  but I am also not having the base come off the case after two reloads .
Now I am ordering for friends with the same problem .
- Fred H in MT

 Target Sear Review
I just got back from the range today after installing a couple of upgrades to my Ruger 77/44.
I purchased and installed a Target Sear Kit and Trigger Shims from www.TriggerShims.com
 It made a huge difference taking the pull from about 6 lbs. to a crisp break around 1.5 pounds. It was very easy to install and there are videos on the web site listed to help. I have another 77/44 I installed a Rifle Basix replacement trigger on a few years back.... I think the Volquartsen Target Sear install is better at half the price. I ordered it on Sunday and got it today... Great service. Mike S. in Indiana

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