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Ruger 10/22 Trigger Shim Kit Installation Instructions

Video and Written Instructions for installing our
Ruger 10/22 TriggerShims Brand Shim Kit.

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Our Shims are Available in .002" through .009" 
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The easiest way to Measure your Trigger or Hammer assembly is with a simple blade type feeler gauge.
I sell a decent quality imported set you can include in your orders.
This Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use.
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Customer Testimonial
I ordered shim kit, hammer kit and several other items on May 13. As promised they were shipped out rapidly, and I received them fast. The quality is outstanding and the value is equally great. All in all a great pleasure to do business with you, and will return in the future. Thank you for outstanding service and quality.
Joe in North Carolina

Ruger 10/22 Shim Kit Installation Video
How To Install a Shim Kit
How To Install a TriggerShims Brand Shim Kit in your Ruger 10/22
Shows how to install the TriggerShims #10/22-8SS 8 Piece Shim Kit
Also shows how to Remove and Reassemble the Hammer, Trigger, Sear, Disconnector, Bolt Release and Magazine Release.
Shows how to install the Wolff Gunsprings 18076 10/22 Reduced Power Rifle Tune-Up Pak.
Shows how to Install the Volquartsen VC10BR Automatic Bolt Release and the Volquartsen VC10MR Extended Magazine Release.


Easy to Follow Written Instructions

How to Install the 10/22 Trigger Shim Kit
Trigger Shim Instructions - Shim Kit Instructions
Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release How To Instructions
Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release How To Instructions

This Page shows how to install a TriggerShims Custom Trigger Shim Kit and a Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release in your Ruger 10/22
Also check our
Frequently Asked Questions page for additional tips.

Ruger 10/22 Parts Diagram
Figure 1
Trigger Housing and Receiver
Remove trigger housing from receiver

How to Install a Trigger Shim Kit. 
Safety First!
Make Sure Gun is Unloaded!
Remove magazine, open bolt and make certain there is not a cartridge in the chamber.
Allow the bolt to close. Familiarize yourself with the disassembly instructions and parts list in your Ruger Owner Manual. Click on thumbnail above for a full size schematic.
Loosen the Barrel Band Screw (B-69) and remove the Barrel Band (B-68)
Loosen, but do not remove the Take Down Screw (B-65)
Position the safety so an equal amount of the button is exposed on each side. If the safety is not in the middle when the barrel-receiver assembly is lifted out of the stock, the stock will be damaged.
Swing the barrel-receiver assembly upward away from the forearm of the stock.
Be careful the two Receiver Cross Pins (B-5) and Bolt Stop Pin (B-46) do not fall out.
Remove the trigger assembly by drifting out the two Receiver Cross Pins (B-5)
(see figure 1)

Figure 2
Hammer and bushings
Hammer and bushings - bolt lock spring

The 1/8" wooden dowel included with the shim kit makes a handy mar-proof drift.
Holding your thumb firmly over the top of the hammer, pull the trigger and release the tension on the hammer.
Remove the Hammer Rod (B-18) and Spring (B-44) assy, and set aside.
Notice the Bolt Lock Spring (B-42) around the right side Hammer Bushing, notice that the step on one leg of the spring is holding tension on the Bolt Release, and the straight leg is trapped under the ejector cross pin.
Remove the Hammer Pivot Pin, Hammer, Hammer Bushings and Bolt Lock Spring and set aside. (see figure 2)

Figure 3
Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release
Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release

Installing the Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release.
(see figure 3)
Now that you have the Hammer out, you can install an automatic bolt release.
I use and recommend the Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release.
Hold the trigger housing in upright position and simply push from left to right
pin #B-35, Mag Latch Pivot Pin, (see figure 4) just far enough to clear Bolt Lock, (#B-41).
Lift out Bolt Lock and slide VQ Auto Bolt Release into position.
Slide Mag Latch Pin (#B-35) back through holes into position.
At this point you can continue to remove Trigger/Sear/Disconnector assembly to install shims, or reassemble hammer, bushings and springs and reassemble trigger housing into receiver, and secure with pins (#B-5).
Be suse to check all parts function correctly before firing rifle.

Figure 4
Magazine Latch Pivot  Pin  #B-35
Magazine Latch Pivot Pin #B-35
Figure 5
Trigger Pivot Pin #B-21
Trigger Pivot Pin #B-21

Removing the Trigger/Sear/Disconnector.
Remove Trigger Pivot Pin, (B-21) (see figure 5)
The Trigger, Sear and Disconnector will come out the top of the housing, be sure to watch the Trigger Return Plunger and Spring (#B-39, 40) will fall out of the trigger guard when removing trigger, set those parts aside.
Watch not to let the Disconnector Pin fall out, notice the relationship of the Trigger, Sear, Disconnector, and Disconnector Spring.  (see figure 6)

Figure 6
Trigger and Disconnector
Trigger and Disconnector
Figure 7
Installing Trigger Shim
Installing Trigger Shim
Figure 8
Installing Hammer Shims
Installing Hammer Shims

Installing the Trigger Shims.
Now its quite easy to install the Trigger and Disconnector shims.
Slide the Disconnector Pin (KE02800 - bottom pin in Figure 7) slightly out one side, about 1/8 inch, just enough that you can install a shim, put a drop of gun oil on, slide pin back in to hold shim.
Now slide the pin out 1/8" the other way, and install a shim on the other side, and the disconnector is done!
The Trigger shims will install the same way, but first you will need a Cheater Pin.
We have included a 1/8 X 7/16 steel cheater pin in our kit, or a piece of 1/8" wooden dowel rod from the hardware store works well, you may have to sand it untill it is just under 1/8" so that it will slide into the Trigger and Sear, and cut it to 7/16" in length with a razor knife.
Slide the Cheater Pin in to hold the Sear (B-23), back it out 1/8", install a shim, (see figure 7) add a drop of oil, and slide cheater pin back to hold the shim, do the same with the other side.
Reassemble Trigger and Disconnector into Trigger Housing, don't forget Trigger Return Spring and Pin, and install Trigger Pivot Pin (B-21) at the same time forcing out the Cheater Pin.. Using the same method as installing shims in Disconnector and Sear, push the Trigger Pivot Pin out one side, about 1/8", just to clear and install a shin on one side.
Do the same to the other side, add a couple drops of gun oil, and you are done with the trigger!

Install Hammer Shims with Separate Bushings
Metal Style Hammer Shims
install Inside the Hammer Bushings (B-43, see figure 8)

Install Hammer Shims with Integral Bushings1022 Plastic Trigger Housing Diagram
Plastic Style or Universal Hammer Shims install Outside the Hammer Bushings, between the Hammer/Bushing Assembly and the Housing (B-19 Pin, see figure here )
On many late model guns, these bushings are cast together as one piece with the Hammer/Bushing Assembly.
If you have a Plastic Trigger Housing and a Hammer with Integral Bushings, you will need the appropriate shims for Plastic Style Trigger Housing.
Install these shims Outside the Integral Bushing between the Hammer/Bushing Assembly and Frame.

Add a drop of gun oil and you are ready for re-assembly.
Install Hammer (B-17A), Hammer Pivot Pin (B-19) and Hammer Spring (B-44)
Be sure Bolt Lock Spring (B-42) is on the right side and the step-leg of the spring is on the inside bottom, (see figure 2) This end of the spring will engage with the Bolt Release (B-41), and the straight end will be trapped under the Ejector Cross Pin (B-35) when installing the Ejector. Further re-assembly is simply the reverse of dis-assembly.

This Kit Will NOT Fit BX Trigger Assembly

 It is of the utmost importance not to shim too tightly!
 You will want some play, and no binding on any parts.

 Check firearm for proper operation before loading with live ammunition.
 If you are unsure about reassembly, see a qualified Gunsmith.

 You are solely responsible for the safe operation of your firearm.

If you are installing a Tuffer Buffer Recoil Buffer, click here for our installation instructions page.

 Ruger Factory 10/22
 Disassembly Video

 Ruger Factory 10/22
 Reassembly Video

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