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Taurus Revolver

Taurus Revolver Shims
Taurus Spring Kits by Wolff Gunsprings

Most of our Shims are Available in .002" through .009" 
Order Any Kit on This Page and Request Custom Sizes via Email.

Taurus Revolver Hammer and Trigger Shims

Taurus Small Frame Shim KitTaurus 85 Trigger and Hammer Shims
Taurus Small Frame Hammer and Trigger Shim Kit
Our Hammer and Trigger Shims will fit most if not all Small Frame Taurus Revolvers.
Like the Taurus 85/605 from the 80's up
Trigger Shim .095" X .174"
Hammer Shim .126" X .251"

Note: some guns have pins with a large radius at the base, 
and the shim will not seat - see installation note below.

Regular Assortment is as follows:
4 Piece Kit comes with .003" Shims
8 Piece Kit comes with .003" and .005" Shims
12 Piece Kit comes with .002", .003" and .005"

.002" through .007" Shims Available by Request
Custom Assortments Available by Request
You can choose a Specific Thickness from Drop-Down Box
Taurus Small Frame H/T Kit
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below


Taurus Medium Frame - like the 441/443 use 
Smith and Wesson K, L, N Frame Hammer Shims
Taurus Large Frame Revolvers use Smith and Wesson K, L, N Frame Hammer/Trigger Shim kits.

Hammer and Trigger Shim Installation Instructions

To install shims in your Taurus, you should disassemble and remove the Hammer and Trigger springs, begin by installing a shim on both* sides of the Trigger and Hammer, re-install the frame side plate (without springs) and check for binding.
If the Trigger and Hammer move freely, continue to add shims.
At the point you begin to trap or bind the hammer and trigger, you will have your approximate free clearance, and you can then remove shims and install the proper amount, leaving a final clearance of around .003" to .004" - and reassemble the unit complete.
I suggest a 12 Piece Kit to provide ample Shims for this procedure.

*Note: some guns have pins with a large radius at the base, Taurus 85 Hammer Pin Radius
and the shim will not seat.
The Hammer and Trigger Pin Holes are also Radiused, and should seat together.
If that is the case,  you can successfully shim the Right Side only. 

Taurus Revolver Cylinder Shims

Taurus Cylinder / Endshake Shims
Taurus Cylinder Shims

Our Shims will fit Many Taurus Revolvers
Including Models 65, 66 7 shot model, 82, 85/605 etc.
Made from USA Full Temper 300 Series Stainless Steel
Nominal O.D. of .345" X I.D. of .242"
Note: Taurus 66 6 shot model use - Colt SAA Cylinder Shims
Late Model 85 / Judge use Dan Wesson Large Cyl Shim Below the Cylinder Bushing.

2 Pak   Comes in .002"
4 Pak   Assortment comes with 2 each  .002" and  .003"
6 Pak   Assortment comes with 2 each  .002",  .003" and  .004"

12 Pak Assortment comes with 3 each  .002",  .003",  .004" and  .005"
24 Pak Assortment comes with 6 each  .002",  .003",  .004"  and  .005"

30 Pak Gunsmith Special Assortment comes with 6 each  .002",  .003",  .004", .005"  and  .006"

-OR- Choose any Pak and Specify your Thickness via Drop-Down Box,
e-mail or use "Note to Seller" in PayPal

Price includes Free Shipping

Taurus Cylinder Shims
Shim Thickness
Enter Custom Thickness Below

Spring Kits Ship USA Only / No Exports

Taurus Revolver Gunsprings

Taurus 73, 85 and 605
Small Frame Revolver Reduced Power Shooter's PakWolff 30151
#30151  $15.95
Not Recommended for 94, 941

Please Note: Due to changes in newer revolvers, Wolff
Trigger Springs may require some modification.

Service Pak for Taurus Small Frame Revolvers contains the following springs:
1 Each 9 Pound Reduced Power Hammer Spring and 1 Each 6.5 and 9 Pound Reduced Power Trigger Return Springs Allowing Adjustment for Lighter and Smoother Trigger and Hammer Action.

Wolff 30151   $15.95 Free Shipping!

Taurus  44, 45, 65, 66, 80, 82, 83, 431, 441, 445, 606, 607, 608, 617, 631, 669 and 689 
Large Frame Revolver Shooter's Pak  #17190 $16.95Wolff 17190 Taurus Revolver Pak

Service Pak for Taurus Large Frame Revolvers contains the following springs:
1 Each 10, 11 and 12 Pound Reduced Power Hammer Springs and 1 Each 10 and 11 Pound Reduced Power Trigger Return Springs Allowing Adjustment for Lighter and Smoother Trigger and Hammer Action.

Wolff 17190  $16.95 Free Shipping!

Taurus Frame Sizes
Small (Models 85, 94, 605, etc)
Compact (Tracker, 445, 450, etc)
Medium/Large (44, 65, 80, 82, 83, 96, 431, 441, 607, 608, 669)
EX Large (Raging)

Shipping/Mail Upgrades/Tracking Information

We Cheerfully accept Cash, Money Order, and
Credit Cards through our Secure PayPal Check-Out!
All Website Orders are Shipped the Next Business Day!
Shipping - Shims to USA, Canada and International
Gun Parts Shipped to USA Only!



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